Borges to display mosaic of work at Boardwalk Arts Festival

For Terri Borges of Borges Mosaic Studio, her fine-art contemporary mosaics can be thought of as an extension of her previous work in landscape architecture. She had been doing exterior mosaics in her design/build firm and decided she wanted to go into the studio full-time.

Coastal Point • Submitted: ‘Early Snow,’ a mosaic by Terri Borges, who will display her mosaic’s at the Bethany Beach Boardwalk Arts Festival.Coastal Point • Submitted
‘Early Snow,’ a mosaic by Terri Borges, who will display her mosaic’s at the Bethany Beach Boardwalk Arts Festival.

She gets her inspiration from a rather practical source — the materials she uses.

“The types of works that I do are unique because I use a lot of texture,” explained Borges. “I’ll use marble, which is non-reflective, with the very reflective, colorful smalti glass — and those contrasts really drive my end product.”

Her work can be seen in three main ways: as fine art that might be hung on a wall; as installed art, such as in a backsplash; and in garden sculptures, which, according to Borges, are “what’s left over from my landscape architecture influence.”

Always a creative type, she said she knew she wanted to do architecture or landscape architecture since she was “old enough to think.”

“I can’t imagine not creating something,: she said, “and I always loved the outdoors.”

She worked at her own design/build firm before deciding it was time to dedicate more time to her mosaics.

Since opening her studio, Borges said, she has only done one or two art festivals a year, but keeps busy with having her work in galleries and smaller shows, and this year’s Bethany Beach Boardwalk Art Festival is her first time in Bethany Beach. She said she hopes to get her name and her work out in front of people, more than anything.

“I might not sell one thing, but if I can meet that one client, or get that continued exposure and recognition, then it was worth it.” She said art festivals and shows are as much about marketing and getting your work out there as anything.

Borges said she is interested in seeing if a one-day show makes a difference in how people shop — knowing that they only have that one opportunity to buy, as opposed to a two-day show, where they might be able to ponder a purchase overnight.

To peruse some of Borges’ work before the show, visit her online at The Bethany Beach Boardwalk Arts Festival will be held Saturday, Sept. 8, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on the boards and in downtown Bethany Beach.