Bethany Beach Books holds First Annual Photo Contest

This year, Bethany Beach Books is holding its First Annual Photo Contest, to see who can create the best fun and creative photo featuring the store’s own bookmarks.

“One of my employees, Amanda, she came up with it,” explained owner Jackie Inman. “She thought it was a really great idea, a way to get people involved with the social media, as well as out in the community, as well as something fun for the kids to do with their parents.”

Approximately 30 photos were received, with plenty of creative entries, featuring bookmarks in the sand, at farmers’ markets and even hanging out with crabs.

“We had people as young as 12 submit photos, and as old as 72,” she said. “We’ve had a really great response. We had some really great photos submitted. There are some funny ones, too — I really enjoyed it. And it’s kind of fun watching the competition.”

Inman said people had two months to submit photos, and they had such a positive response that the photos were posted on Facebook so people could vote for their favorites.

“We have so many great photos, and we put them online, onto our Facebook,” she said. “What people do is go online and click on the Like button of which one they like the most.”

Winners in the contest will get a discount off purchases from Bethany Beach Books.

“The photo that receives the most ‘Likes’ gets 10 percent off for life. The second- and third-place winners get 10 percent off for the year.”

The winner will also get a special congratulatory shout-out, by being featured in a Bethany Beach Books newspaper ad.

“It was something fun for the community and for the kids, so we thought it was something a little more lighthearted in the summertime and something fun to do,” she added.

Inman said the voting will close soon, so those who want to have a voice in the selection of the winner should be sure to vote for their favorite photos online. Photographers who missed the deadline to submit will have another chance. They’ll be holding another contest next summer.

“I think it’s been good for the first year. Next year, we’re going to be doing it again,” she promised. “It was kind of fun having people ask about it, come in, make a purchase, get some bookmarks and give it a go.”

To view the submitted entries and to vote, visit Bethany Beach Books is located at 99 Garfield Parkway in downtown Bethany Beach.