Crabulous creations set to debut on Bethany boardwalk

For those not fully versed in art-world lingo, the term “mixed media” might be a little confusing or open-ended to hear. But, actually, it’s just how it sounds — using different types of materials to create fine art.

Coastal Point • Submitted: ‘Butterfly Kisses’ by Kristeena Crabb. Crabb is from Lewes and a member of the Rehoboth Art League.Coastal Point • Submitted
‘Butterfly Kisses’ by Kristeena Crabb. Crabb is from Lewes and a member of the Rehoboth Art League.

Kristeena Crabb of Crabulous Fine Art explained that she uses many different types of paper to create her masterpieces, which can be seen in Bethany Beach for the first time at the Bethany Beach Boardwalk Arts Festival, set for this Saturday, Sept. 8.

“You might say I paint with paper,” she explained. “I make abstract images from the paper, and I create images and glue them in many layers. I also incorporate some paint, feathers, glue, buttons, dried feathers…” she added with a laugh. She said it has been interesting to see how people view her art, because different parts of art appeal to different people.

“I was in a gallery one time, and a woman that didn’t know I was the artist said, ‘What is that stuff on the wall?’” Crabb recalled, adding that she laughed to herself when she heard it. “People’s reactions are really apparent. They either really like it or hate it.”

She added that this is her first “season” of doing festivals, although she has had her work displayed in galleries before.

“I am having the best time with it. I really love talking about my art,” she said.

She explained that she always had very “mathematical” jobs, such as real estate and insurance, and was into her life a bit before she discovered her true passion.

“I didn’t discover I had any artistic talent at all until I was 39,” said Crabb, adding that, in her youth, she had been trained as a musician and in drama, “but that was the first time I really felt I had to create something, I had to produce something beautiful.”

She said the subject matter of her work varies from landscape and wildlife to still life and even abstract, but she explained that it’s always all about the color.

“Rich colors in the right combinations bring such joy to our lives by subconsciously elevating our moods, and I want to share a little of that joy with others.”

She described her art as fine art that would be hung on the wall but said she does have some “chunky” pieces that could fit on a shelf.

Crabb, from Lewes, is a member of Delaware By Hand and the Rehoboth Art League in Rehoboth Beach.

After her stop in Bethany Beach, Crabb said she is looking forward to the Lewes Historical Society Craft Show in October and the TelFair Art Fair in Savannah, Ga., in November. For more information, or to view her artwork prior to this Saturday’s show, visit her online at