Town of Frankford - Building Demolition Bidding

Town of Frankford
Invitation to Bid

Demolition of Residential Structure
Located at 12 Mill Street, Frankford, DE

The Town of Frankford, Delaware will receive bids until 4:00p.m. on Thursday, October 31, 2012 for the demolition of a 1 and ½ story residential structure and clearing of said property of undergrowth and small trees located at 12 Mill Street, Frankford Delaware. The property is identified as parcel 4-33-11.07-16.00. The building may or may not have asbestos
materials inside. The existence, quantity and location of any materials made from asbestos are unknown to the Town. However, the age of the structure is approximately 75 years, and it is known that asbestos was commonly used in building materials during that time. If involved, removal and disposal of asbestos materials must meet all federal and state requirements. The Contractor is responsible for all notifications and fees for the demolition and asbestos removal, if applicable.
Demolition includes removal of the structure, miscellaneous debris associated with the structure and on the property, and all foundations, slabs, blocks or piers. The property is to be cleared of all understory growth and young trees under 8 in. in diameter and graded to a level condition and seeded.
The Contractor shall be responsible for all utility disconnections. (If applicable)
Bids are to be addressed to the Town of Frankford and mailed or delivered to the Town of Frankford, 5 Main Street, Frankford, DE 19945.
Bids shall be identified on the exterior of the sealed envelope with all
information required by law, including the name of the project and bidders name, address and license number, expiration date and classification.
The successful bidder will not be required to furnish a Performance and Payment Bond. Payment shall be for entire contact amount after completion and acceptance.
The Town reserves the rights to waive any irregularities or reject any or all bids.
Additional bid instruction and requirements for interested contractors is available at Town Hall.
CP 20121012 2T