Local knitting group making donations from scratch

A group of local knitters has been busy with their needles, hoping to be able to donate their creations to area charities in need.

Coastal Point • Maria Counts: A local group of knitters have been combining their efforts to donate their work to area charities.Coastal Point • Maria Counts
A local group of knitters have been combining their efforts to donate their work to area charities.

The group, which meets every Wednesday from 2 to 4 p.m. in a vacant storefront next to Sea Needles, has been knitting together for the fun and company.

“We just knit and we gab. We gab a lot,” said knitter Lois Rubinsonhn. “In the early summer, we said, ‘We buy yarn all the time and knit.’ I said, ‘Let’s do some charity knitting.’”

Rubinsonhn said the number of ladies knitting changes from week to week, depending on the season and who’s in town.

“We had nine today. We’ve had as many as 16 in the summer. We actually didn’t have enough chairs,” she noted. “Some ladies leave over the winter and come back in the spring.”

Since the summer, the ladies have amassed a collection of winter hats, scarves, baby blankets and chemo caps they’re hoping to donate to a local charity or two.

“We’re going to keep it local, probably several charities. Since we have so much, we figure, why not do several?” Rubinsonhn said. She said they are not sure who will receive their donations. “I’m knitting a hat right now that I’ll give next week. Every week we get some. I’m shocked at how many we have.”

Although this is a project that the group started this past summer, Rubinsonhn said the ladies will continue through the winter months and on into the coming spring and summer.

“Every one of us is going to do some over winter and bring it back next spring.”

Rubinsonhn said any knitters, no matter their age or skill level, or anyone who wishes to learn to knit, can stop by on a Wednesday and spend some time with the group and knit for a good cause.

“Just come and knit and have a good time,” she said.

The knitting group meets every Wednesday in the shopping center where Sea Needles is located, across from DiFebo’s and next to WaWa in Bethany Beach. They meet in the last vacant shop to the left.