Ocean View adjusts employee salaries

The Town of Ocean View held a special meeting this week at which they unanimously approved the total amount of funds budgeted for compensation adjustments for salaries of all employees, in accordance with the salary structure they had previously approved.

Town Manager Dianne Vogel said that she had spoken with consultant Charles Hendricks, whose company conducted the study, regarding questions the council had.

Vogel said that Hendricks addressed the council’s concern about the difference in hours worked by the police department per year, versus the hours worked by other employees.

“He explained that the difference in hours was taken into consideration when the formulas were generated,” said Vogel. “That was not an issue that we needed to be concerned about.”

Vogel added that she had met with all department heads to discuss what adjustments they felt needed to be made within the 14-grade structure. She added that the additional cost of implementing the salary adjustment did not exceed the budget.

“Therefore, a budget ordinance amendment is not needed,” she said.

Councilman Tom Sheeran said that he believes the employees’ salaries should be reviewed on a yearly basis for the next three years, to ensure the Town is remaining competitive.

“Hendricks did a good job of evaluating relevant to other towns in the area,” added Mayor Gordon Wood. “I hope they are competitive. We will see.”

The salary adjustments were effective immediately, as the council had retroactively approved the adjustments at a September council meeting.