Frankford Town Council discusses water and annexation

By Monica Scott

Staff Reporter

The Town of Frankford once again talked water and annexation with some residents just outside town limits. Last month, several Delaware Avenue residents and members of Trinity Holiness Church approached the town saying that their water was undrinkable.

The houses and church are outside of town limits, explained Town Administrator Terry Truitt at the council’s Oct. 1 meeting, but she said annexation of the parcels could be a possibility in the future. Whether or not they are ever annexed, for the Town to provide the service, water mains would have to be run to the area, as they don’t exist now. The council had said they were willing to contact contractors to get prices so they could continue the discussion of the request.

This month, council president Jesse Truitt said Bunting and Murray had given them a rough estimate of $130,000 to run about 1,500 feet of an 8-inch line. [Terry] Truitt explained that they could start to look into the possibility of trying to get grant money through the Office of Drinking Water through the state, but annexation was most likely a first step as the properties are not actually in town limits.

Kyle Gulbronson of URS, the town’s engineering firm, explained the annexation process and said one issue is that properties have to be contiguous to the town. There are two parcels between town limits and the first property wishing to be annexed so he said as long as one of the parcels in between, one of which is already half in-town, didn’t object, the annexation process, which he said could take about 60 days, could start.

In other news, Frankford Police Chief Bill Dudley said he was interesting in hearing from anyone who heard anything about vandalism at the Frankford Public Library in the last two weeks. On Wed., Oct. 24, a librarian came in to about an inch of standing water in the main portion of the library and when they checked to see where the water was coming from, was told by [Jesse] Truitt that they had had a spicket running outside the building, presumably turned on by vandals, that he had seen and turned off.

About 5,000 gallons of water had been used before the water was turned off and the library most likely needs to replace their carpeting from water damage. Chief Dudley said he had heard rumblings from people about who might have been responsible, but asked anyone that had heard anything to contact the police department.

In other news, the Town of Frankford voted to spend $1,970 on trees to be placed at the park, payable to Lord’s Landscaping, and changed their December meeting to Tuesday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. Also, on the 4th, they will hold a public hearing before the council meeting, at 6 p.m. to discuss the Frankford Public Library zoning change and site plan for their new building.