Ocean View: Board of Adj. Dec. 20, 2012 Meeting Results


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on December 20, 2012, the Ocean View Board of Adjustment took the following action on a pending application:

A. Application V-262, which is a request for a variance from Sign Regulations and Requirements as required by Article XIX, § 222-82-F: Signs, Number and Surface Area (2) and Article XXI, § 222-90-A (2) and (3), §222-91(A) and (B) and § 222-94-B (2) and (3) submitted by Rogers Sign Co. Inc. on behalf of the property owner 26 Centre LLC. Article XIX, § 222-82-F: Signs, Number and Surface Area (2) requires inclusion of frames and structural members, not bearing advertising matter, in the computation of surface area, Article XXI, § 222-90-A (2) requires a detached sign to have a minimum setback of 12 feet from the front street property line and 30 feet from any other street line or property line and § 222-90-A (3) permits only one detached sign on a lot or undivided parcel of land. § 222-91(A) prohibits flashing signs, except time and temperature indicators and § 222-91(B) does not allow animated signs. § 222-94-B (2) & (3) limits the size of a sign to 24 square feet on a single side or 48 square feet in total on a lot with one or two businesses and additionally § 222-94-B (3) limits each business on a multi business site to one ten square foot wall sign and one instructional sign for each entrance or exit in the general business district wherein this parcel is located. This variance seeks to permit erection and placement of a two sided detached sign, whose frame and structural members will not be included in the computation of the surface area (§ 222-82-F), will have a single side square footage of 42 +/- square feet (§ 222-94-B (2) & (3)), will be 18 feet into the required 30 foot minimum setback from any other street or property line (§ 222-90-A(2)), includes a changeable copy sign of 20.64 +/- square feet (§ 222-91-A & B) and three additional detached directional signs on the lot (§ 222-90-A(3)).The variance also seeks to permit the placement of two wall signs that are 52.3 +/- square feet each as well as a number of directional/instructional signs on the structure (§ 222-94-B (3)) on property located at 54 Atlantic Avenue (PIDN: 047.100 / Sussex CTM#: 134-12.00-646.00).

APPROVED – Items B5, B5C, B5P, B9, & C4
APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS – Item B1 One Wall Sign, w/Smaller Square Footage Facing Atlantic Ave
DENIED – Item C3 3 Detached Signs
WITHDRAWN – Freestanding Pylon Sign
CP 20130104 1T