Local author hopes to help those 'Suffering in Silence'

In a review of Carolyn Kuhn’s book “Suffering in Silence,” one reader, “CindyS,” wrote: “I picked this book up late one evening to ‘start’ and a couple hours later I had ‘finished’ it. I could not put it down. Every emotion that someone could possibly feel was felt while reading this book. You feel anger. You feel sympathy. You cry. You laugh… all of this in just 100 pages. I would highly recommend this book to people of all ages. My 19-year-old is reading it now. It is eye-opening for her.”

Kuhn, who lives near Selbyville, said the feedback she is getting — such as CindyS’s comment — is “wonderful” and “inspirational.”

“Writing it was long-thought-of, and my daughter really pushed me to do it,” explained Kuhn, saying she wrote the book in memory of her sister, to touch other “families in crises.”

The book is described as “a story of a dysfunctional family’s painful journey in coping with life’s hardships, including alcoholism, a family rape, an incarceration, abandonment and abuse.”

“It’s a true story,” explained Kuhn. “And it tells how childhood wounds can shape who you are as an adult. But, in the end, you can replace the bitterness and anger with forgiveness and peace.”

Kuhn is schedule to do two book signings in February, and a portion of proceeds from the book are going to go to SOAR (Survivors of Abuse and Recovery), a Delaware-based non-profit that provides mental health services to those affected by sexual abuse.

Kuhn, who managed a law firm in Baltimore before moving to the beach, said she always really wanted to tell the story to help someone else. She decided to give back by donating a portion of proceeds to a non-profit and found SOAR by researching online.

She will be hosting a book signing on Saturday, Feb. 9, at J.R.’s on 131st Street in Ocean City, Md., from 5 to 7 p.m., and one on Friday, Feb. 15, at High Stakes on Route 54, also from 5 to 7 p.m. The books cost $10 each. In addition, everyone who purchases a book will be entered into a drawing to win a prize.

Books are also available online for $10.95 at Amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com. They can also be purchased through her publisher at www.outskirtspress.com/sufferinginsilence, where e-books are also available for $5.