Ocean View planners recommend revised land-use ordinance

The Ocean View Planning & Zoning Commission voted unanimously this week to recommend an ordinance amending the Town’s 2010 Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and residential and commercial zoning around the Foxwoods community.

Last year, the Foxwoods Homeowners Association had approached the town council after they learned of the town’s intention of rezoning properties south of the Banks-Bennett tax ditch off of Route 26 from residential to commercial use.

“Essentially, what this amounts to is at that the initial couple of meetings at this planning commission and at the town council, certain members of the community who lived in an area called Foxwood rejected to some of the rezoning and wished to have that it be brought back to residential,” explained Walker Curran, chairman of the Planning & Zoning Commission.

“The council at that point in time took it under consideration and voted yes. It’s coming before us again to officially approve that change. It’s really that simple; it’s not a complex matter at all.”

The commission voted 5-0 this week to recommend an ordinance to amend the CLUP by substituting revised maps 6A and 6B relating to future land use and keeping the properties zoned commercial.

As part of the process that will take the ordinance to a council vote, the ordinance is scheduled to be introduced at the regular town council meeting on March 12, beginning 7 p.m. at town hall.