Summer college boot camp in Millville offered to students

This summer, rising juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to spend a little time on planning for college, thanks to a Summer College Admissions Boot Camp offered by Anne Macleod Weeks of Delmarva Educational Consulting.

“I’m going to cover everything from interviewing skills, to writing a résumé, to how to search for a college that would be a good fit, to writing a college essay — basically everything that they need to know to prepare for the process,” explained Weeks.

Three sessions of the boot camp will be offered: July 22-26, July 29 to Aug. 2, and Aug. 5-9, each running Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and held at Dr. Margaret Kay’s office in Millville.

“I was the director of college guidance and ran a similar program in the schools that I worked in. It’s a program that I’m very familiar with and have done a lot of over the years, which is why I think it would be something useful,” said Weeks. “The idea was twofold: one, to offer it at a time when families might be coming down from D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia for vacation and might want to kill two birds with one stone, by having their child do this in the mornings before going to the beach — but also offer it to local Sussex County high school students.”

Each session may have a maximum of 10 students, to ensure that everyone receives one-on-one attention. The cost will be $800 per student and $500 for local students who present their high school IDs.

“It’s some very basic information that’s important for them to know going into the process really knowing what they’re doing,” Weeks said. “Doing this in the summer gives them a leg up, because they can concentrate on getting the work done without having to do it on top of their normal academics during the school year. Especially in the public schools, the loads that the counselors have keeps them from being able to do this.”

Weeks said that she has previously offered her guidance in writing a college essay at the South Coastal Library and was able to help about 20 local students.

“I showed them how to go about writing a college essay that would distinguish them,” she said. “They don’t have those skills. They don’t learn how to really market themselves, to pick something about themselves individually and how to write about it in their college essays to make themselves stand out.”

Weeks was a director of college guidance for 27 years and an English teacher for 34 years. She worked in private schools in Baltimore and Philadelphia and is currently the high-school principal at the Salisbury School. She and her husband, Jim, created Delmarva Educational Consulting to offer their extensive educational background to students.

“My father was a college professor, and I grew up on a college campus in an educational environment. I like working with students. I always have,” she said. “For many years, we always thought we wanted to start the company. Then my husband decided this past year that he wanted to retire. We decided this was the time to get it started. He does the SAT and ACT preparation, and I do this.”

Weeks said that the boot camp is a sound investment for students who want to make sure colleges pay attention to their applications.

“It’s a good investment, and people who look at the cost of it might say, ‘Yikes.’ Especially for the local students, it comes down to about $50 an hour, and I think they’ll go back to school in the fall feeling they have a sense of what direction they need to have,” said Weeks.

“For rising seniors, it will diminish the anxiety and stress when school starts in the fall of filling out all of those applications.”

For more information, email or visit to register.