Infared sauna helps heal at Mind, Body, & Sole

Bethany’s Mind, Body & Sole has added an infrared sauna treatment to its list of services, which also include yoga, ionic detox and reiki.

Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark  : Michele Salisbury stands in one of Mind, Body & Sole’s new infrared saunas.Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark
Michele Salisbury stands in one of Mind, Body & Sole’s new infrared saunas.

“We knew about a year ago we wanted to expand to keep people coming in, so we started doing research on the infrared system,” explained owner Michele Salisbury. “In all the research we did, there was nothing negative about it — everything was positive.”

Salisbury and her husband, Robin, bought one of the saunas for themselves and were so happy with the results that they purchased one for the wellness center.

“My husband and I have two — one at the house and one here. We do it every day, and my skin feels great,” she said, noting the sauna can help improve the tone, texture and elasticity of skin, as well as help with skin conditions and breathing problems, such as asthma and bronchitis.

The sauna can also cause the body to burn up to 600 calories in a half hour, while lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation.

“Infrared rays are the far end of the wavelengths that are given off by the sun, other than radio waves, which are farther than that. The infrared rays are a ray of energy and heat given off by the sun, and it is actually a healing energy,” explained Robin Salisbury.

“The body gives off infrared rays. It heats you, but it doesn’t necessarily make the air around you hot. If you ever notice in the wintertime, if your house is 70, you want to have a sweatshirt on. In the summertime, if its 70, you have a T-shirt on. What’s the difference? The sun is at a stronger point, and the infrared rays actually penetrate your house and penetrate you, and you feel warmer at 70 in the summer than 70 in the winter because of the rays.”

The infrared technology has been featured on television by Oprah and Dr. Oz, and in the Journal of American Medical Association. It has also been researched by Mayo Clinic.

“In the 1980s, NASA determined it was the best way for astronauts in space to get a cardio workout without being able to do a workout,” said Robin Salisbury. “It’s even used in NICUs to keep preemie babies warm.”

Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark  : Zen is key at Mind, Body & Sole— for peace of mind and relaxation.Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark
Zen is key at Mind, Body & Sole— for peace of mind and relaxation.

Each session is 30 minutes long, at $1 per minute, and it’s recommend that clients drink 8 ounces of water before they go in and another 8 ounces after. Along with the two-person sauna, the center also offers a dome infrared treatment.

“We do have a dome, so anyone who is handicapped can lay on the bed, and we can position the dome overtop of them,” said Michele Salisbury.

“It’s a workout. People who are in wheelchairs who might not have the ability to do cardiovascular workout, the infrared sauna will do the workout for you,” added Robin Salisbury.

Michele Salisbury said that the body will release endorphins during an infrared sauna experience, which adds to the experience.

“I’m in there every day. It feels good, it’s so relaxing,” she said. “People, when they leave, they just kind of float around and say, ‘Oh, that was awesome.’ A lady who did it yesterday came in today for yoga and said she just felt amazing.”

Mind, Body & Sole also offers reiki healing, which Michelle Salisbury said uses the same infrared energy.

“It’s actually the same reiki healing energy that the reiki master can produce between her hands and the body,” she said, adding that raindrop massages are also available.

“It uses nine essential oils, and it’s actually dropped like raindrops on your back. Each oil has a property and does something to the body. One can relax the muscles, one can be anti-inflammatory — all different kinds and then they’re feathered in. It’s not a massage; it’s more of a healing technique. But it’s just so relaxing.”

Mind, Body & Sole’s reiki practitioner is Dana Kylen, who learned reiki technique after her own personal health scare.

“It actually started when I had a lung collapse, and I ended up having to have part of my lung removed. When I was waiting, I heard a small voice say to me, ‘You’re not going to die. I’m here with you and I’m your guardian angel.’

“I kid everyone that they gave me really good drugs,” she said with a laugh. “But that was the beginning of my path to a new lifestyle and finding ways of healing. When I heard about reiki, I wanted to find ways that were not invasive that could keep me centered and keep me thinking in a positive fashion.”

Mind, Body & Sole opened in May of 2010, after Michelle Salisbury quit her job as a high-school nurse in New York to move to Delaware and open her wellness center.

“I like the wellness side of the medical field,” she explained. “I did a lot of different types of nursing over the years, and the one that I enjoyed the most was the homecare, because you’re in their home and you’re educating them. They’re very receptive and want to get better, and I was really drawn to that.”

After being introduced to acupuncture at a yoga class in New York, Michele Salisbury said she took immediately to the practice.

“I was hooked. I understood the philosophy and the science behind it, and I knew how I felt when I was done,” recalled Michele Salisbury.

Robin Salisbury, who is a contractor, was working in the Bethany area at the time and noticed how health-conscious everyone was.

“He said, ‘Why don’t you open up your own spa?’” said Michele Salisbury.

“For Michele, this was a way to possibly help people before they needed to go to a doctor,” said Robin Salisbury. “In everyday life, just eating and breathing and drinking water, you take in environmental toxins in everything. They build up in your body over time. It’s not about doing your nails here, or getting a hair cut. It’s all about staying healthy. If your body is working at its peak performance, and you’re taking care of it, you will not get sick. That’s the bottom line.”

The people at Mind, Body & Sole are passionate about what they do and hope to share their experiences with healing with the community.

“We love what we do,” said Kylen.

“We have the best clients in the whole world,” added Michele Salisbury. “Everybody who walks through the door, they love being here, they love the atmosphere and the quiet. I think they’re drawn here. I have friends who, if they’ve had a hectic day, they’ll just come in and sit. It’s like a little sanctuary. We want to be healthy, and we want our clients to be healthy.”

Mind, Body & Sole is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are located less than a half-mile south of the “totem pole” on Route 26, at 32892 Coastal Highway, in the Starboard Center, Suite #3, near Bethany Beach. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call (302) 537-3668 or visit