South Bethany April 12 meeting results


Notice is hereby given by the Town Council of the Town of South Bethany that the following ordinances were adopted at the April 12, 2013, Town Council Meeting:
• Ordinance No. 169-13, to amend the Code of South Bethany Chapter 114, Solid Waste, Article I, Entitled "Collection Fees", and Article II, entitled "Solid Waste", to update disposal regulations, to regulate the size and number of solid waste and recycle containers for rental properties, and to require penalties for offenses.
• Ordinance No. 170-13, to amend the Code of the Town of South Bethany Chapter 20, Planning Commission, to change the number of members from five to not less than five nor more than nine.
These ordinances are available for review at the Town Hall during regular business hours or on the Town website ( under Bulletin Board.
CP 20130419 1T