Selbyville - Mediacom May 4, 2013 meeting


The Town of Selbyville (“Town”), as franchising authority and pursuant to 47 USCA§ 546(h), hereby provides the public with notice that Mediacom Delaware LLC (“Mediacom”) has submitted a proposal for renewal of its franchise agreement with the Town for the provision of cable services. Any members of the public desirous of reviewing the existing franchise agreement and/or the proposal to renew said agreement may do so at Selbyville Town Hall, 68 W. Church Street, Selbyville, DE 19975. Any members of the public desirous of offering written comments concerning the proposed renewal of the Town’s franchise agreement with Mediacom may do so by delivering said comments to Selbyville Town Hall or by mailing said comments to:?Mediacom Franchise Public Comments, c/o Town of Selbyville, P.O. Box 106, Selbyville, DE?19975. Please be advised that the existing franchise agreement between the Town and Mediacom will expire on May 4, 2013, so please submit your written comments at your earliest possible convenience. Anyone with questions about this public notice should contact Selbyville Town Hall by calling (302)436.8314.
CP 20130419 1T