Hickman to leave Lord Baltimore Elementary School

Lord Baltimore Elementary School Principal Dr. Janet Hickman will not be returning to the school for the 2013-2014 school year. Instead, she will be taking over as administrator of Early Learning for the Indian River School District.

“Next year, we are going to a full-day kindergarten program for all of our schools. We’re still working out all of the little details about it, and her job responsibilities,” explained said David Maull, Indian River School District spokesperson. “She’s going to be stationed at Georgetown Elementary School. She’s going to oversee the full-day kindergarten program, at least for now, up in the northern end of the district and possibly elsewhere.”

Hickman had held the position of assistant principal before becoming principal of Lord Baltimore.

“She has a lot of experience in that area, as far as elementary administration. We’re going to full-day kindergarten for the first time and we want to ensure we have a high quality program in place, and Janet is going to oversee that,” said Maull. “She’s going to work with the teacher up there in implementing it. She’ll do some of the teacher training, things of that nature.”

Maull noted that the school board felt Hickman was the person best-qualified for the job.

“Janet is a good person for the job because: (1), she has years of elementary school experiences, and (2), she’s also bilingual, which will also help with our Hispanic population. Janet really had the qualifications for it.”

Maull said he could not speak to whether Hickman had applied for the position, or if she was assigned to it. He added that the search for Hickman’s replacement will begin as soon as possible.

“That’s where we stand right now. We’re still working out all the fine details.”

Hickman could not be reached for comment by Coastal Point’s press time this week.