Ocean View - Board of Adjustment June 20 meeting notice

4 Town Rd. - # 102 (PIDN: 284.110) (CTM#: 1-34-13.00-1102.00)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN BY the Board of Adjustment of the Town of Ocean View that a public hearing will be held on Application V-272, a request for a variance from Article X, § 140-65 of the Ocean View Land Use and Development chapter of the Town Code, submitted by Seaquels, LLC with the approval of the property owner AJK Investments, LLC. Article X, § 140-65 permits one (1) wall sign with a maximum area of ten (10) square feet in the GB-1 District where this parcel is located.
The applicant seeks a variance that would allow existing wall signs in excess of those permissible by Code to remain on property located at 4 Town Rd. - # 102 (PIDN: 284.110) (CTM#:1-34-13.00-1102.00).
The hearing will be held in the Wallace A. Melson Municipal Building located at 201 Central Avenue at 6 p.m. or as soon as possible thereafter on Thursday, June 20, 2013.
The appropriate material may be examined by interested parties on the second floor of the Wallace A. Melson Municipal Building located at 201 Central Avenue between 8:30 a.m. and noon and 1 through 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
All interested parties are welcome to attend and present their views. If unable to attend the public hearing, written comments will be accepted but must be received prior to the hearing.
For additional information, contact Town Administrative Official Charles McMullen at 302 539-1208 or via email at admintov@oceanviewde.com.
CP 20130531 1T