Kids' storytime comes to Bethany Beach Books twice a week

This spring Bethany Beach Books has started offering a kids’ storytime every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

“We started storytime earlier this spring,” said Amanda Zirn, media relations coordinator for the store. “This is our first summer doing them, and they’ve been pretty popular.”

Zirn said the store started the storytimes, in part, to promote reading to youngsters.

“It’s our job to promote reading, as a bookstore. We wanted to bring more children into the store. We also found they were popular. We did one with an author, and we saw how many people and kids came out and enjoyed it.”

The storytimes are open to children of all ages, and begin at 8:30 a.m. with a corresponding activity, followed by a story at 9 a.m.

“We do all different types. We’ve read ‘Curious George,’ and beforehand they did worksheets and did activities with stickers. Last week we read ‘Fancy Nancy,’ and we all made Fancy Nancy necklaces. They’re usually hands-on and have something to do directly with the book.”

The storytimes wrap up by 10 a.m., just before metered parking starts in downtown Bethany.

“We always get you out before 10. We try to stress that the meters go up until 10. That makes it easier for the parents.”

Zirn said that the stories are chosen based on what they have in the store and what holiday or other event is coming up.

“We’ll have a shark week storytime, which will correspond with Shark Week. We try to coordinate our stories based on the holidays and events going on.”

All ages are welcome to attend the storytimes; however, a parent must be present in the store throughout the duration of the event.

“We try to say 10 and under, but they can be newborns, anybody who would enjoy a good story,” said Zirn. “The books are usually geared to 8 and under.”

Zirn is usually the storyteller during the events, but some storytimes also have special guests.

“We also have authors come in and read their stories,” she explained. “We had one author come recently, and it was a lot of fun, and the kids really enjoyed it.”

Attendance can vary from 15 kids to 70, depending on the weather. Zirn said that, no matter how many kids attend, fun is always guaranteed.

“They’re great. It’s a fun time. They’re funny enthusiastic and end up sharing their own stories. They’re always so excited. It’s really cute.”

For more information on the storytimes, call Bethany Beach Books at (302) 539-2522 or visit Bethany Beach Books is located at 99 Garfield Parkway in downtown Bethany Beach.