Royal Farms final site plan approved in Ocean View

Last week, the Ocean View Planning & Zoning Commission unanimously approved the final site plan presented by Two Farms LLC to erect a Royal Farms convenience store and gas station at 54 Atlantic Avenue, on Route 26, adjacent to the new CVS store and Mariner’s Bethel United Methodist Church.

In August, the commission had reviewed the preliminary site plan, and Ocean View Administrative Official Charlie McMullen said last week that the Town had received letters of approval from the Sussex Conservation District and the Fire Marshal’s Office.

McMullen said that that the final site plan shows 38 parking spaces will be provided, as required, and that directional arrows have been delineated and will be painted in the parking lot. He added that the Town received word from Mariner’s that they have received a written letter from Two Farms regarding conditions for the site.

Karl Gude, a trustee for Mariner’s, was in attendance at last week’s meeting, and did confirm that the church was provided a letter from Two Farms, and that all the conditions they requested, regarding trash, music and fencing, had been met.

“A very-good-neighbor policy,” said Planning and Zoning Commission Chair Walter Curran.

Town officials did express concern about a Redbox vending machine that may be placed to the left of the entranceway to the convenience store. Town Solicitor Dennis Schrader said that the town code does not have an ordinance regarding vending machines; however, K. William Scott, attorney for the Timmons family, which owns the property, said there are no plans for additional vending machines outside of the store.

“It detracts from people coming into the store,” he explained.

Commissioner Pat Sharpe asked if the Redbox machine could be placed inside of the store, instead of on the sidewalk.

Scott said that, currently, there is no plan for that, as the planned footprint of the store did not provide space for Redbox inside.

He added that the sidewalks would have to meet ADA standards and that the machine would not inhibit shoppers’ ingress and egress.

The final site plan for the Royal Farms was approved by a vote of 5-0.

McMullen said that there will still be government involvement throughout the process, as the Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control still has to conduct an inspection for the installation of the underground storage tanks for the gasoline storage.

“They’ll inspect once it’s installed. Sussex County will inspect the building as it’s going up, as will we, to ensure they’re following code. When it’s all done, we’ll wait and see, and issue a [certificate of occupancy] and allow them to open for business,” he said. “I would imagine they’ll be in there, trying to break ground, sometime in mid-October.”

A representative for Royal Farms said they hope to open for business by April of 2014.