Streetscape project to resume in Bethany Beach this week

After a summer-long hiatus and a short delay requested by the Town and some of its businesses, Bethany Beach’s Streetscape project will begin again this week with pre-construction work.

Town Manager Cliff Graviet said most of the first week of work will involve the setting of barricades and other work typical for pre-construction street and roadway work. As was the case this spring, the parking lot immediately adjacent to the Blue Crab restaurant will be used by the construction company as a staging area.

Graviet said the second phase of the construction would begin on the south side of Garfield Parkway’s 100 block, with eastbound traffic diverted to the westbound lane of the 100 block, reversing the traffic pattern change from earlier this year, when the westbound roadway was the focus of work.

“Access to all businesses in the construction area will be maintained throughout the project,” Graviet emphasized.

Sometime in December or January, when the bulk of the project is complete in the 100 block, the work will then move to the circle at the easternmost end of Garfield Parkway, he noted. That work will involve removal of the existing sidewalks and street surfaces.

When the work in the circle is complete, Graviet said, the sidewalk on the south side of Garfield Parkway will be replaced, and all of Garfield Parkway will then be uniformly resurfaced.

The project, he said, is still expected to be completed well before Memorial Day of 2014.