Dagsboro Town Council still discussing IRHS sign, tower

The Dagsboro Town Council met last Monday, Oct. 28 and discussed two ongoing topics. Most notably, the council still has questions on whether or not they should move forward with a water tower maintenance program.

According to Vice Mayor Norword Truitt, the Town is seriously considering the contract presented to them in last month’s meeting.

“I was impressed with his presentation, the water tank has to have maintenance,” he commented.

Attorney Rob Witsil gave the contract a further look and still has questions that he would like to see answered before moving forward. Witsil seemed most concerned with something he found regarding debris removal. The company indicated that it was the town’s responsibility to dispose of debris removed from the tank after it has been cleaned out. He went on to explain that the contract is front-loaded with work in the first few years, and that it could be cancelled without penalty after five years. Witsil also mentioned that the cost is around $17,000 per year, and that the company seems to be very reputable.

Town Administrator Stacey Long suggested that the council wait until next month to make a decision on the subject, after their questions about the contract specifics have been answered.

No one from Indian River High School was present to discuss the request for approval of an animated sign to be displayed on school property. Vice Mayor Truitt did attend a presentation regarding the sign earlier this month however.

“They have three signs planned. They’re looking at one well over 15 square feet with a brick base,” he explained. “Where they want to put it won’t impact that many people but it will impact three or four.”

Truitt went on to explain that the lowest bid that they have received is about $3,200, not including masonry work. The school still has funding to get together and more details to work out before they are able to move forward with anything. He will be attending another alumni meeting before the next council meeting to get more details on the matter.

No one from the council expressed much concern about the ordeal, including Mayor Patti Adams. Adams’ main issue is whether or not the sign with disrupt traffic in the area.

The Dagsboro Police Department spoke to announce the return of Police Chief Floyd Toomey, and a substantial drug bust in the area. The department seized three logs of heroin, a small amount of cocaine, a small amount of marijuana, and under $2,000 and turned it over to the State Police. Some of the heroin was being sold in town. They are also in the process of hiring another police officer and will be conducting interviews this month.

The next town council meeting is scheduled for Monday Nov. 18 at 7 p.m.