Frankford cancels holiday decorating contest due to expense

The Frankford Town Council met on Monday, Nov. 18, after a six-week hiatus focusing much of its discussion on holiday decorating — both that done by the Town and by its residents. That included a decision to cancel the Town’s annual holiday decorating competition.

“You’ve got a lot of expenses,” said Town Administrator Terry Truitt. “[The issue] is going to go on every year.”

Truitt said her main concern was the low turnout each year, as well as multiple honorable mention award checks that continuously go un-cashed, costing the Town in cancellation fees. She also said that the same two people have been competing in the door contest each year. The council agreed with her recommendation to cancel the contest.

The Town also recently had to hire Tony’s Electric to fix $2,765.70 worth of damage and pole replacement that officials said they believe resulted from the Town’s decorating of the utility poles with holiday lights.

The council also discussed on Nov. 18 the issue of moving away from Tidewater as their water maintenance company and switching to Artesian. Tidewater had wanted to increase monthly rates from $2,145 to $2,359.50, with no yearly maintenance.

Unhappy with the services provided by Tidewater, the council unanimously opted to switch to Artesian, which charges $2,700 per month but provides two 16-hour preventative maintenance days a year.

“You should see the water pipes now,” Council President Jesse Truitt said of the improved service. “There’s nothing left unturned.”

“There’s been a very smooth transition,” Terry Truitt added.

Police Chief William Dudley spoke at the meeting to inform the council that Tyco has applied to renew their business license to sell alarm systems in the Town. Dudley said he didn’t want to discourage residents from buying a security system if they wanted one, but he also didn’t want them to be scared into buying something that they may not need.

“I don’t want them to think we have a ramped amount of crime in the town,” he explained.

Dudley went on to announce that there had been 40 traffic arrests and only one criminal arrest by his department since the council had last met.

In other news, the Town has received approval for a grant from the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control for drainage, and the council approved an update of the registered voters list.

The next town council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m. at the Frankford Volunteer Fire Company meeting room.