Vogel celebrates first year as town manager in Ocean View

Ocean View Town Manager Dianne Vogel joined the town’s staff in August of last year. Within that brief time, the Town has seemingly whipped into shape and had a seemingly positive and uneventful year.

“I think she’s doing an outstanding job. I think we’re extremely fortunate to have her running our Town,” said Mayor Gordon Wood.

In her short time with the Town, Vogel has been working hard, on issues ranging from the budget to town activities.

“I certainly think the first year has been extremely productive,” said Vogel. “Some of the highlights from the first year: we were able to update and revise a number of policies, and we’re still working on that. Employee relations, we’ve continued some of the traditions from the past with holiday luncheons for the staff and end-of-the-year bonuses.”

Vogel said she’s pleased that the Town has moved forward with technology, installing Wi-Fi in Town buildings, as well as upgrading software so the Town may accept credit card payments.

She added that she’s happy that the Town was able to prepare a balanced budget without having to institute a tax increase.

“We’re about to start the next budget and hope to do the same.”

She added that she hopes to continue to have the Town host successful community events, such as the Concerts in the Park and the Smithsonian’s traveling “The Way We Worked” exhibit.

“It’s been fun for me to work with all of the coastal communities with the ‘The Way We Worked’ exhibit,” she said. “That gave me the opportunity to meet so many new people from the small coastal towns and their historical groups. We’ve met a few times after that exhibit ended. We hope to come up some new project that will keep us connected.”

Vogel returned to the area after working in property management in Las Vegas, Nev.

“It’s good to be back in the area and good to be back with my family and have the opportunity to see them more than a few times a year.”

Prior to Vogel’s hiring, Ocean View Police Chief Ken McLaughlin, as stipulated in his contract, did not report to the town manager but to the mayor instead.

“Way back when, even before I was sworn in, he and I discussed what I could delegate, because I felt from Day 1 that the chief should report to the town manager,” said Wood. “We now have what I consider to be an outstanding town manager. She and Ken work together beautifully. Therefore, a few months back, I delegated my responsibilities for management to Dianne. They work together perfectly. And we are extremely fortunate to now have an honest-to-goodness town-manager form of government.”

McLaughlin’s contract renewal was approved earlier this month, to begin in May of 2014, and now states that he will report to the town manager. McLaughlin said he’s happy to work with Vogel and excited about what she’s brought to the Town.

“Everything has been wonderful. We have a great working relationship. Our town manager is a very professional town manager,” he said. “In the past, there was just a lot of goofy stuff going on, and that’s no longer the case. The relationship — not just within the police department, not just the town manager/chief relationship, but just everything in general, as far the Town is concern. I credit a lot of that to Dianne.”

Wood also noted the wonderful working relationship between them and added that, with the addition of Vogel, the Town has greatly benefitted.

“We have a fine town manager and we have a fine chief, and I have total confidence that they will continue to work together in the interest of Ocean View.”

“I think it’s been a great year, and we’ve had a lot accomplished,” added Vogel.