OV P&Z approves 14-lot subdivision

Last week, the Ocean View Planning & Zoning Commission unanimously approved an application to subdivide a 10-acre parcel of land into four R-1 General Business-zoned parcel and two-single lots.

The Evergreene Companies submitted the application on behalf of Russ Archut, who owns the land located on 110 Central Avenue in Ocean View. The commissioners voted 4-0 to approve the subdivision of the lot.

From that subdivision, the commissioner also reviewed the concept plan for the 8.16-acre parcel zoned as R-1 to become a 14-lot subdivision.

“This is a concept plan. The purpose of this portion of the review process is to make an attempt for the Town to have some dialogue with the developer,” said Town Administrative Official Charlie McMullen.

McMullen said the review of the concept plan is the first step in the land development process. He noted that the concept plan was simply a drawing of a development plan of sufficient accuracy to be used for discussion only.

Town code calls for the concept plan to be used to receive direction on preparation of the preliminary plan for the project, but not for approval or disapproval.

In the plan, McMullen noted some areas of concern, which included where the Evergreen Companies delineated an open-space area that lies within the flood plain and may require alternatives to address the issue.

Josh Mastrangelo, a representative for Evergreene, said that the company is very cognizant of the parcel’s surrounding areas, and instead of subdividing to the maximum of 24 allowed for the space, chose to do 14.

He added that there will be a 35-foot buffer area between the subdivided parcel and the neighboring Foxwoods community.

“We are planning on maintaining a wooded area on buffer areas, but also on lots,” said Mastrangelo. “Our goal is to maintain as much of that canopy and the hardwood that is on the property, including the area adjacent to the community next door.”

Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman Walter Curran said that he wished the developers luck in their endeavor but warned that they have a lot of work to do.

“I think you have a pretty daunting task in front of you here,” said Curran. “This is not meant to be negative comments, simply just practical.”

As the hearing was just a concept review, the proposed subdivision will still need to go through a preliminary site plan review and present a final plan to the commission before it can receive approval.