Frankford prepares for town council election on Feb. 1

Jesse Truitt, Skip Ash, Pam Davis, Greg Welch and Jerry Smith are among the five candidates running for three open seats on the Frankford town council next month.

Candidate Jerry Smith expressed concern this week about both the time allotted for the voting and whether or not family members of candidates should be allowed in the voting area during the casting of ballots. Both issues were directly addressed by the council at their Jan. 6 meeting. Smith said it was his understanding that Title 15 of the state code states that the voting should not close earlier than 5:30 p.m., but Town Administrator Terry Truitt clarified the issue.

“It was an amendment,” said Terry Truitt.

“Ours has always been 1 to 4,” Mayor Jesse Truitt adamantly added. “It’s in the charter, 1 to 4.”

The second issue addressed by the council — whether or not Terry and Jesse Truitt should be allowed in the voting area together during the election — was also addressed. Jesse Truitt explained that, as long both of them weren’t in the front room, it was not against protocol.

After the minutes for the council’s Dec. 2 meeting and financial report were approved, Terry Truitt announced that the town’s Christmas lights would be down next Wednesday, Jan. 15, but she expressed concern for the power lines being used, as they were costly to install this year.

“We need to continue to budgeting for the lines used,” she stated.

Police Chief William Dudley spoke to the council to discuss four-wheeler theft, which he said has become a growing issue in the town.

“We’re getting a lot of four-wheeler thefts in the area,” he warned. “If you’ve got a four-wheeler, I suggest you lock it down.”

Currently, Dudley and the Frankford Police Department are on the hunt for a potentially stolen 2013 green Honda Forman, valued at $9,000, and he warned residents to be wary of anyone trying to sell a similar model in the area.

“We’re closing in on it,” he said.

Before the meeting was adjourned, Jesse Truitt addressed the issue of a letter that he said Smith had been passing around town, which, according to most of the council members, included some false information. Words were exchanged between the two candidates, but the confrontation ended quickly.