Frankford annexation hearing scheduled for Monday

The Town of Frankford will hold a public hearing next Monday, Jan. 13, after which the town council could vote on a developer’s proposal to bring a large-scale retail business to the area. While rumors have circulated about exactly what business might be making its way to the town, none have been confirmed.

Town Administrator Terry Truitt said she sees the potential annexation as a positive expansion for the town.

“It’s going to substantially raise our water users, which is what we need,” said Truitt. “Right now, we have a system that we can take on the demand for it.”

Truitt said it would also bring in a larger tax base for the town.

“It should be nothing but a win-win for the town,” she asserted. “I can’t see any reasoning for it not to be a win any time you get controlled commercial growth.”

According to Truitt, the geographic size of the town will be almost doubled if the property is approved for annexation.

“Once this comp plan is amended, it would go before the state planning office,” she noted. “Due to the holidays and everything else, it’s taking a little bit longer than what would we have liked. Right now, the developer is working really well with the Town.”

Truitt said she hoped there would be no resistance from anyone on the council and that she did not expect to see any.