OVPD officers hailed by council for life-saving efforts

Ocean View Police Chief Ken McLaughlin reported this week that Sgt. Sidney Ballentine was recently awarded a commendation for saving a life, after performing CPR on an individual in cardiac arrest. Officers Nicholas Hopkins and Justin Harrington will also be receiving commendations after resuscitating another citizen whose heart had stopped.

“We have a number of cases where someone’s life has been saved,” said Mayor Gordon Wood of the department’s swift response to calls. “Twenty-four/seven [policing] works and saves lives.”

“We have a very capable staff right now. We’re very fortunate,” said McLaughlin. “Our training is continuous, it’s high-caliber, and I think it’s been very beneficial.”

McLaughlin said his department also recently arrested two suspects for their alleged participation in a number of area burglaries in October and November of 2013.

“I’m pleased to say we’ve made two arrests and have closed out a number of those,” said McLaughlin of the series of burglaries. “He had a co-conspirator who worked with him on a number of those crimes. We were able to get him in custody, and we’ve closed out a large number of criminal cases in town. We’ve worked with the state police, who have also been able to close out a large number of cases, as well.”

Also at this week’s Ocean View Town Council meeting, a first reading was held on an ordinance to amend water system fees and rates.

“Tidewater’s current rate filing with the Public Service Commission requested a general increase of 14.4 percent,” explained Town Manager Dianne Vogel of the company that supplies water to the town’s central system. “Tidewater has proposed that the interim rates that have not yet been quantified be implemented effective 60 days after the rate filing.”

Vogel said that rate is 35 cents per 1,000 gallons, which is an increase of 14.95 percent.

In other Town news:

• The council voted unanimously to appoint Donald Walsh to the Town’s Board of Elections. “I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy in this position,” said Councilman Robert “Bob” Lawless.

• The council also unanimously voted to elect Steve Cobb to serve as an alternative member of the Board of Election. “He’s been an active participant in this town’s governance in all the town since I’ve been on this council,” added Lawless.

• The council voted unanimously to appoint Kent Liddle to the Town’s Planning & Zoning Commission, for a term ending in August 2015. Liddle will replace Walter Curran, who stepped down in order to run in the town’s mayoral election in April.

• Councilman Tom Sheeran was appointed by a vote of 4-0 to serve as the council’s mayor pro-tempore, with a term ending in April 2014. Councilman Geoff Christ, who had been serving as mayor pro-tempore, stepped down from the post due to the additional time required.