Fun Car Rallye II to benefit Justin’s Beach House

On Saturday, March 22, the Fun Car Rallye II will be held to benefit Justin’s Beach House.

“We did this last year for them,” noted Bob Lueckel, who is organizing the event. “My wife and I, Nancy, we set up the rally and picked up the roads, drive the route and look for questions to ask people as they’re on the route.”

The Rallye will start at Fox’s Pizza Den in Millville, where participants may register from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., before the first car drives off at 11:15 a.m. to seek clues and answer questions in this scavenger-hunt type event.

“It’s their observations, so to speak. A lot of times they’re very simple, obvious questions. Sometimes they’re a little more difficult to see.”

The Lueckels, who are Ocean View residents, had participated in previous car rallys when they were members of the Corvette Club in Bel Air, Md.

“This is something they do occasionally to primarily raise money for the club there in Bel Air, Md.,” he explained. “We’ve done a few of those and thought, ‘Well, let’s try this and see if we can’t raise some money for Justin’s.’”

Lueckel said that he and his wife chose to support Justin’s Beach House because they believe the nonprofit does great things for the community.

“Nancy is a greeter and baker for the house,” he said. “She greets the folks as they come in for the week. … We think their mission is great — to provide a respite week down here for families that have been affected by cancer.

“Both myself and my wife’s families have lost someone to cancer,” he explained. “It’s near and dear to our heart. We just think it’s a great charity, to give someone the opportunity to come to the beach for a week and not have to think about the expense of the house. It’s just a beautiful place and a great location.”

The event will take place rain or shine, and registration costs $30 per car. Those who wish to participate must have a team of two — one driver, with a valid driver’s license and a navigator old enough to read maps and write down answers — as well as a car or truck that is registered to be street-driven.

“It’s for anybody that has a vehicle and wants to partake in a little fun, challenging two- to three-hour event to benefit Justin’s Beach House,” said Lueckel.

Cars will be sent out from Fox’s Pizza, which will serve as the rally’s home base.

“When I send them out, I don’t send them out in mass. Usually it’s one or two minutes between, so they’re spaced out through the routes,” Lueckel explained. “They’ll come back, and while we’re waiting for the rest of the folks to come back, Nancy and I will check the questions, to see who have the most correctly and give some prizes.

“It’s a good time, too. Support Fox’s, too — get a beverage, get a pizza and hang out.”

This is the second year the Lueckels will be holding the event. Last year, the rally had seven participating teams, and this year they hope to have more.

“We’re hoping for a bigger turnout this year,” he said. “This year we’re hoping for 20.”

Lueckel said he hopes many people will participate in the Fun Car Rallye II to enjoy the area’s scenery and support a worthy cause.

“We want anybody who would like to give it a try to come out and enjoy the afternoon with us,” he said. “Especially if you’ve got a bit of competitive streak in you, it can be a lot of fun.”

To preregister for the event or for more information, contact Lueckel at (443) 299-9125.