Police pursue scrap-metal thieves in Selbyville

Sticky-fingered thieves have been swiping scrap metal recently, Selbyville Police Chief W. Scott Collins reported to the town council at their March 10 meeting.

One theft occurred inside town limits, and two more outside, usually during the daytime at outdoor heaps, he said.

People are less at-risk “as long as you keep it somewhere where it can’t be seen,” Collins said of the items the thieves have been targeting.

Noting that Delaware State Police had just made an arrest that afternoon, he said he expected any accomplices to be found soon.

In other Selbyville news:

• Major hydrant flushing will occur the week of April 7. Residents may see some discoloration because the flushing shakes rust out of the pipes.

• Councilmen Rick Duncan Sr. and Jay Murray were sworn in for yet another term, promising to “uphold the ordinances of the Town without fear or prejudice.”

• After handing out Kids ART Month prizes last weekend, Mayor Clifton Murray marveled at the students’ artwork.

“All the kids up there did a good job. You look at the art and you say, ‘That looks good.’ Then you look at the grade [level], and you say, ‘It really looks good.’”

• The town’s recreation fields are nearly booked for summer, with plans to pour another load of soil where the field dips down.

• For perhaps the first time in several years, Mountaire sent a representative to attend the meeting “It’s been a while since we had anyone to the meetings. It’s good to see you,” Mayor Clifton Murray said.

“There’ll be someone here,” said Jay Griffith, director of operations, of the future.

• Town Administrator Bob Dickerson said he has heard that two businesses have renovation plans in the works. Next Step Learning Center hopes to build a section to host children’s birthday parties. Meanwhile, Ash Arms apartments may be ready to rebuild after a January fire displaced about 20 people.

• A 2.4-acre parcel of land will be subdivided into three lots on Route 54, for two houses and one undeveloped lot. All requirements are met in the subdivision, with water and sewer provisions made. Jay Murray said they’ll still be “quite large lots, actually.”

• Lighthouse Lakes was approved to begin installing ponds at the future housing development on Route 54.

• There still have been no defects found in one of two new town wells, but the Town is still waiting to close on a loan to begin treating the other well. Some requirements recently changed, but with extra paperwork submitted, they expect to go to signing soon.

The next regular Town Council meeting will be Monday, April 7, at 7 p.m.