Time to spring right into baseball season

Mondays have proven to be the bane of my existence over the years.

It typically starts with a half-asleep fistfight with my alarm clock, followed soon thereafter by a ceremonial half-stumble as I try to navigate myself past two sleeping dogs to the bathroom. We’ll fast-forward past the morning bathroom ritual, and move right along to the fact that every Monday morning since about September has seemingly contained rain, snow, freezing cold or wild monkeys playing banjos falling from the sky.

So, yeah, Mondays typically involve a struggle for me, particularly in the morning hours.

It usually doesn’t improve much from there. Mondays at the office usually involve a bunch of meetings, reacting to hundreds of emails received over the weekend and generally trying to get everything put together and organized for this week’s paper.

Suffice it to say, I’m with a billion other people who don’t enjoy Mondays.

All that being said — and there was plenty I left out with the mindset that this is indeed a family newspaper — this most recent Monday was one that fell on the good side of things. Dare I say, “great?”

Though things started out cold that morning when I came in to work, it had warmed noticeably by the time I left to grab some lunch, and even more so by the time I got back to the office 45 minutes later. By 2:30 p.m. it was officially a very nice day out, and my attention for the next 30 minutes was divided between all the stuff piled up on my desk and the first pitch of the season for my beloved Baltimore Orioles.

By 3 p.m. I was firmly entrenched both in listening to the Orioles take on the defending-champion Boston Red Sox on my headphones and banging away at that pesky pile of work on my desk, while enjoying a beautiful day taking place outside my window.

Life seemed just about perfect at that point.

The game was tight and tense, just as you’d hope for in a baseball game if you love pitching and defense, and I got home just in time to see new Oriole Nelson Cruz crush a pitch into the stands to give the Orioles a 2-1 lead in front of a raucous crowd at Camden Yards.

To give you a much clearer picture, I’m pretty sure my pug jumped about 12 feet off the ground straight out of a deep slumber as I leapt off the couch yelling at the television while Cruz’s ball cleared the fence. I can’t be 100 percent sure, but I’m fairly certain I saw little paw prints on the ceiling the next time I found myself looking up.

Editor’s Note: No pugs were harmed in the events discussed in this ridiculous column.

Regardless, the Orioles held off the Red Sox over the next few innings to pull out the win, moved to 1-0 for the season and left me brimming with hope over what would be taking place over the next 161 games in front of them. All baseball fans enter each season with a little hope that if everything falls just right their teams could win it all, and I fall right in step with that every season, though I confess the years of ugly baseball put forth by my Orioles had tempered that a bit over recent seasons.

However, two good seasons in a row and some signings this offseason I really liked have me thinking big things. And, regardless, watching a baseball game while the weather outside is beautiful is a heck of a fun way to spend a few hours.

My euphoria from the combination of that opening-day win and the beautiful weather outside left me antsy, and I strapped the dogs to their leashes and took them outside for the first time in a while to take a good, long walk. For the past several months I have been avoiding anything outdoor-related because of the cold, and have been reduced to simply grabbing the dogs firmly, holding them out a partially-open window and squeezing them until their business was handled and I can ...

But I digress.

Editor’s Note: No pugs or shar-peis were injured in this fictional re-enactment. And, for the record, I have no control over them whatsoever. Their house — their rules.

Any way you look at it, it’s beginning to finally feel like spring out there, and that is most welcomed. Go O’s!