A new season brings with it new goals

There are so many things for us as a community to be grateful for as we embark on another voyage into a summer season.

For starters, there is no snow projected for Memorial Day weekend, which is a major relief in itself. At around St. Patrick’s Day — as we were getting bombed with yet another snowstorm — I began to wonder if our resident Eskimo, Shaun Lambert, would profiteer on July 4th by building igloos with clear ceilings on the beach in Bethany so people could watch the fireworks through the blizzard. But, no, there shouldn’t be any snow this weekend.

So, whew.

Also, we seem to have made it through another offseason with no violent clashes over politics, religion or what restaurant has the best specials. There have been some close calls, but so far, so good.

One last item I’d mention is the continued glow on the marquee of the Clayton Theater in Dagsboro. The mandatory transition to digital equipment by the industry nearly forced the owners to shut their doors, removing one of the last single-theater venues around. However, our wonderful community got together once again and raised the money needed to keep this treasure vibrant and relevant. If you haven’t been to the Clayton yet, go. Reasonable prices, comfortable seats and the latest movies in digital display, right around the corner.

Why haven’t you left yet? Go get a ticket.

And now that “The Season” is upon us, it’s time to look ahead and set some personal goals. It’s so easy for those of us fortunate enough to live here year-round to just get sucked into the vortex of crazy work hours and dodging heavy traffic that we miss the forest in the trees. It’s a summer hibernation that many of us partake, myself included, and it takes a little personal commitment to get out there and take advantage of what’s around us.

After suffering a broken foot at the onset of last summer, and spending the majority of my free time with my foot propped up and a remote control in my hand, I am antsy to get out and enjoy this season. Without further adieu, but with plenty of bad jokes, I present my summer resolutions:

• I will sit on the beach this summer with friends and/or loved ones and just enjoy the day. There have been complete summer seasons I have not sat on the sand at all, and only seen the ocean from a restaurant or a distance while attending a meeting. That will not be the case this year;

• I will get out in the ocean and swim... Nope. That’s probably not going to happen. For starters, everytime I take off my shirt in public someone starts splashing water on me and screams, “Tow it back out to sea! We can save it!” Besides, it always sticks in the back of my mind that whales relieve themselves out there;

• I worked very hard to drop some weight this winter (to win a bet, not out of any sense of personal responsibility or anything), and I really don’t want to throw it back on this summer. But, yes, now that you ask, I will have another helping of potato salad;

• I will not grocery shop on Saturday afternoons. I will not grocery shop on Saturday afternoons. I will not grocery shop on Saturday afternoons;

• I will see the sun every day. There have been many days over the years when I got to work before the sun came up and left after it went down. Oh, I’m sure there will be more of those this summer, but I’m resolving to at least step outside for a bit and enjoy some sun. Unless it’s raining. My hair completely frizzes out in the rain;

• Camden Yards. I must get to Camden Yards;

• This is the year that Sarah Lyons Hoban and Emily Lyons Harne get humiliated by Shaun Lambert and myself at the Beta Sigma Phi Cornhole Tournament, benefitting the Russell White Scholarship Foundation. The event takes place at the Millville fire hall on Saturday, May 31, at 1 p.m. Every year we have a little grudge match, and every year has ended with Shaun and I on our knees, draped in shame and defeat. This is the year all that changes;

• I will learn to cheat at cornhole. That is completely unrelated to the item above (no, it’s not);

• I will enjoy the inland bays and canals this summer, either via kayak or just walking with the dogs on some of our great trails;

• I will not do any lists in my columns and... oops.