Sweet and savory, Fenwick gets a crêpe place with a twist

Coastal Point • Laura Walter: Filip Siladjev makes a crêpe on one of the round griddles. Crêpes & Crazes offers many fillings and can cater to anyone’s desired taste.Coastal Point • Laura Walter: Filip Siladjev makes a crêpe on one of the round griddles. Crêpes & Crazes offers many fillings and can cater to anyone’s desired taste.Fenwick Island has gotten a little French with the new Crêpes & Crazes, located on Coastal Highway.

Crêpes are large, thin pancakes that originated in France (also available gluten-free), but which are making the transition to tasty beach food. Like a blank canvas, they can be covered in any kind of topping.

But first, they’re made right before customers’ eyes, on wide, round griddles.

“If you’re not hungry before you walk in, you’re hungry after you walk in, because you can smell it,” said owner Sherry Perzinski.

Strawberry Fields is the top-seller at Crêpes & Crazes, featuring berries, cream cheese, crushed pretzels and drizzles of vanilla sauce. Apple Perfection is a homey treat, with gooey apples caramel and cinnamon, topped with honey and powdered sugar.

Savory crêpes make a meal out of the popular pizza crêpe, teriyaki chicken, Lasagna Supreme, Cheesesteak Lovers and Veggie Volcano. BBQ Chicken has Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce, cheese and bacon. Breakfast Bonanza features egg, bacon or sausage, onions, peppers and tomatoes.

People can get almost any filling, from fruit, Nutella or peanut butter to chicken, tuna and ham salads. Spinach salad is coming soon, with walnuts and strawberries.

Get a scoop of ice cream, or milkshakes, malteds, floats and more. Or add piping hot waffle sticks to create a new version of an ice cream sundae.

“We have regular customers, and that’s also a good sign,” said manager Filip Siladjev.

“One woman is working her way down the entire menu,” Perzinski added.

What’s the secret to making a good crêpe?

“Just practice,” said Siladjev, who’s made a hundred or two already.

“He does it like a work of art,” Perzinski said. “Everything is fresh. We buy the ingredients every single day. … The number of strawberries we go through in a day was amazing.”

Two D.C. vacationers popped in recently to purchase four crêpes, covered in caramel, bananas and more.

“We just drove by. I love crêpes, bananas, Nutella. So we decided to swing in,” said Maryana Townsend.

“You guys might have a nice niche here,” said her husband, Kevin.

Crêpes & Crazes has been open for about a month. With her daughters growing up, owner Perzinski transformed her empty-nest syndrome into entrepreneurship. She grew up vacationing at the beach, and seeing no crêpe place in Fenwick now, she dove in.

“It’s very nice. People are wonderful. The town itself is fantastic, family-oriented,” she said.

As for the name — half of the shop is devoted crêpes, while the other half features “crazes.” People can watch the crêpes freshly made in front of them, or shop around the goodies on the other side while they wait.

“A craze is a fad or any type of art,” Perzinski explained. “I try to go for handmade or artistic, anything you’re not going to find anywhere else.”

Amish-made quilts are among the pieces and cover the shop’s walls, each unique and handmade.

“It’s just amazing that someone takes this much time to do something by hand,” Perzinski said. “You don’t find it anywhere else. It’s meticulous.”

The Pennsylvania quilts are priced according to the amount of work put into them.

Other gifts and figurines also line the walls. There’s even a stuffed toy pig, looking fabulous as she models scarves and shawls.

“A whole lot of people come in and get a picture with Delilah,” Perzinski said of the bovine model.

“Great food, great gifts, great place,” said Perzinski of the aim for the shop, “and we hope that’s what they think of it. Come with a happy face.”

Hungry customers can call ahead with pre-orders at (302) 537-1313.

Crêpes & Crazes is open daily, from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. It’s located at 1204 Coastal Highway, on the bay side.