Atkins files for reelection to 41st District seat

Incumbent John Atkins has filed for reelection to serve as representative of the 41st District in the Delaware House of Representatives.

“I think my constituent service, answering the phone, returning calls and getting things done is second-to-none,” said Atkins of his choice to run for reelection. “I’ve certainly been a very effective voice in Dover and able to deliver for my constituents.”

Atkins, a Democrat who previously served in the House as a member of the Republican Party, said that, if elected, he hopes to continue to work reducing the State’s spending, as well as continue to have an impact on issues important to his constituents.

Top priorities for a future term, Atkins said, are “reigning in wasteful spending, but most of all [to] continue my stellar record of constituent service. It’s very important that, when people reach out to me, to get back to them almost immediately,” he said. “When it gets to a point where you’re calling your state representative, you’re probably at rope’s end and need help. That’s what I do best: help people.”

Atkins said that, after spending 12 years in the House, he has gained seniority, which enables him to help the district more.

“This year, there was only about $150,000 extra in the grant need. I think that I got about $25,000 for the 41st District. I got $7,500 each for the Nanticoke Indian Association, the Gumboro Community Center and the Millsboro Senior Center. That’s a big percentage, and that’s what seniority and being able to get things done does for you.”

As for campaigning, Atkins said he plans to reach out to as many 41st District residents as possible to hear about their concerns and wants.

“I’m going to go door to door, as I do every election. I’m planning on knocking on every door in the district. The whole district has my personal cell number. They know where I live. We have a produce stand here in town, so we’re interacting with newcomers every day to the district,” he added of the Millsboro stand.

Atkins is being challenged by Republican Rich Collins, who ran against him in 2012 and lost by less than 100 votes. This year’s general election is scheduled for Nov. 4.

In a district that spans from Georgetown to Selbyville, and many towns in between, Atkins said he enjoys being able to work with his constituents on a one-on-one basis, and hopes to continue to do so, if reelected.

“I love the hands-on, where people don’t know me as Rep. Atkins. They just know me as John. I know 90 percent of my constituents on a first-name basis, where they live, how accessible we are to each other,” he said.

“It’s probably one of the last districts in the state that has the hands-on, old hometown feeling to it. I’m going to run again to represent the people and continue that level of constituent service and personable politics.”

Those interested in speaking with Atkins about his campaign can reach him at (302) 745-1587 or