Route 26 workers continue to prepare for winter closures

The Route 26 Project Team met Aug. 11 for a quick update on the 4-plus-mile road improvement project running from Clarksville to Ocean View.

Officials said they expect Route 26 will close in two spots from January to March of 2015, for small bridges to be replaced adjacent to Lord Baltimore Elementary School and Millville Town Hall. In the next few weeks, utilities relocations around the school and Windmill Drive will help facilitate the installation of those bridges and box culverts.

At this point, contractor George & Lynch is on-track to do culverts this winter, but relocations must go exactly according to plan in order to keep on that schedule.

The main goal now is to upgrade the intersections at Central Avenue, Old Mill Road and Windmill Drive to prepare for the January closure of those parts of Route 26.

Stormwater pipe installation continues around Central Avenue so that the whole intersection can be reconfigured soon.

Other sewer relocation is occurring from Old Mill Road to Lord Baltimore Elementary School. Road widening has already occurred in some places.

Sanitary sewer installation around Route 17 will run from late August to late October.

Hearing concerns about the 7 p.m. start time for night work and lane closures, the Route 26 Project Team has moved night work later, running from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. each night from Monday night to Friday morning. Night work is now permitted on Sunday nights beginning at 10:30 p.m. However, when school begins, that schedule will return to the original schedule, to allow unimpeded bus traffic.

Night work will continue until at least Sept. 30. During off-peak seasons (Oct. 1 to May 15), daytime lane restrictions are allowed seven days per week.

In other Route 26 project news:

• The Transportation Management Center will get a request to update electronic road signs on side roads so know drivers know when Route 26 is congested, whether that congestion is construction-related or not.

• The Project Team responded to an excessive noise complaint in Millville, at a location where George & Lynch stored some equipment. The site will still be used during daytime, but not accessed at night.

• Project Team staff will give community presentations about Route 26 to the Lions Club and Contractors for a Cause.

Residents and businesses are still being encouraged to contact Ken Cimino anytime with questions or concerns about Route 26 construction, at (302) 616-2621, or or 17 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 2, in Ocean View.