Ocean View CVS receives bomb threat

The Ocean View CVS Pharmacy store was forced to close in the early evening hours on Aug. 20, due to a bomb threat.

“The CVS received a call from an unknown male caller that stated they had placed a bomb in the store. They demanded money, and if the demands were not met, they threatened to detonate the bomb,” said Ocean View Police Chief Ken McLaughlin.

McLaughlin said the OVPD arrived on the scene within two minutes of the threat.

“The manager of CVS did an outstanding job. She called police right away, alerting us, and at the same time started evacuating the store. We secured the area, cleared the store and the parking lot. We contacted the Delaware State Police and requested an explosives K-9 team. They sent us two. The dogs went through, swept the building and were unable to locate any explosive devices.”

Once it was determined there was no threat, employees and customers were allowed to return to the store, around 7 p.m.

“The entire ordeal was a little less than two hours from start to finish,” said McLaughlin.

He added that a similar threat was also made to a CVS Pharmacy in Salisbury, Md., that same day.

“While we were out there, we received a telephone call from the Salisbury City Police Department, and they informed us that they, too, had received a bomb threat at about the same time at a CVS store in Salisbury, with the same type of demands.”

McLaughlin said the investigation was ongoing, with the authorities trying to identify and locate the culprits.

“We have an active investigation into that, but quite frankly I won’t be surprised if we trace the phone call to an overseas number. If that’s the case, we’re limited in what we can do. It’s an ongoing investigation to try and identify the folks who made the threat.”

Anyone who may have information about the threat should call Ocean View Police Department at (302) 539-1111.