OV seeks resident input on Woodland Avenue

Those who have traveled Ocean View’s Woodland Avenue Extended may have experienced speeding vehicles, along with bicyclists and pedestrians trying to navigate the road.

During the Town’s July council meeting, Mayor Walter Curran told council he had received correspondence from concerned residents who were worried about the road’s safety.

“Woodland Avenue is a difficult road. It’s narrow, it bends severely and the road’s surface has deteriorated over the years,” said Councilman Bob Lawless. “It’s a bypass of Route 26, getting people from West Avenue over to Central and vice-versa. It’s a shortcut for Hunters Run, Providence and the other developments on Muddy Neck to get to the Giant and Food Lion in the summertime.”

In an effort to address citizens’ concerns, the Town will hold a workshop on Thursday, Sept. 11, at 6 p.m. in town hall.

“I brought this idea to the council a couple of years ago, to the consternation of the community. There were torches and pitchforks and bonfires, all sorts of things,” he Lawless said with a note of hyperbole. “Now’s the time to bring it up again. Our mayor, Walter Curran suggested that, rather than us just make the decision and change it, as we have the right to do, we ought to invite comment from those potentially affected.”

Lawless said the issues on Woodland Avenue Extended are not new, and the Town had previously discussed the possibility of making the street one-way.

“The object of the exercise is to get all those people who will jump up and down and be ready to hang me in effigy to come to the workshop and express the alternatives that they see to the problem. It could be one-way going from Central over to West; it could be one-way going the other way.”

Lawless asked that those who attend come prepared with thoughts and suggestions for how to address the issue.

“Nevertheless, we’d like anyone who uses Woodland Avenue between Central and West to come to the town hall, and think about it beforehand,” he said. “It’s not helpful to stand in council and say, ‘But I will be inconvenienced.’ It will be an inconvenience for everyone. Let’s hear you. Let’s hear what you have to say. Come up with some thoughts.”

Along with changing Woodland to a one-way street, Lawelss said other residents have already made alternative suggestions, such as installing speed bumps.

“The Millville Volunteer Fire Company strongly recommends that we have traffic move from Central Avenue over to West, in order to facilitate their movement of emergency vehicles when they’re traveling to that area of town,” he said.

“The more the merrier,” he added of those who may attend the workshop. “The purpose of the workshop is to hear from you. I don’t want to hear from the community six months after we enacted an ordinance one way or another: ‘Well, no one ever told me.’”

Lawless said the Town hopes to have a large turnout of residents who may be effected by any change made to the road.

“I ask the community: If you have concerns about this issue, come to the meeting. Be prepared, think though what your alternative plans are and let us know.”

Ocean View Town Hall is located at 32 West Avenue. For those who are unable to attend the meeting, comments may be sent to town officials by visiting