Frankford tables pension talks, Murray submits complaint

The Town of Frankford voted unanimously Tuesday night to table taking any action on determining whether or not it would have an employee pension plan.

“I think it should be tabled until we get our healthcare costs,” said council president Joanne Bacon, noting the Town’s healthcare renewal is in February.

Bacon also stated that she would not be in favor of the State’s pension plan, of which the Town had several presentations on, saying it would be too costly for the Town.

Councilwoman Cheryl Workman agreed, stating she wanted to table the discussions.

Resident Marty Presley, who works in the financial industry, recommended the Town still hold workshops, and look into alternative pension options.

“Everyone in the town agreed everyone should have a pension,” he said. The discussion was what kind of pension plan should be provided to employees.

“You haven’t even looked at the alternatives… There are a number of options out there.”

Resident Jerry Smith asked why the Town began discussion regarding pension plans.

Frankford Police Chief William Dudley, Jr. said the discussions began three years ago, when the department applied for a Federal grant, and council asked him to investigate as to whether or not the funds could be used to start a pension for the department.

He said the Town continued discussions, and Officer Nate Hudson was hired with the understanding that there would eventually be a Town pension plan.

“This man was hired with the intent that there was going to be a pension plan for him,” said Dudley. “I put it in, it was something they said they were going to do three years ago and never did it.”

Resident Bernard Lynch asked if the Town had considered joining with Dagsboro’s police force. Bacon said no, with Dudley noting their department is on the State pension plan.

Murray airs grievance

Property owner Kathy Murray said that she had a meeting with Town Solicitor Dennis Schrader and council members Pam Davis and Charles Shelton regarding a four-page complaint she submitted against Workman and Town Administrator Terry Truitt.

“The initial complaint was, Robert Murray had asked Terry why two checks that we had presented had not been deposited, and she immediately stated we were in litigation. Cheryl Workman said she was there and she heard the whole conversation to validate that we were in litigation…

“Dennis Schrader has emphatically denied that conversation ever existed… indicating that my husband and I were in litigation,” she continued.

Murray said the letter also included information about a request she had made to be placed on a council meeting agenda that was not accepted.

“No one on the council was ever notified, yet two other members had requested [to be placed on the agenda].”

Murray said in the letter she presented “detailed facts” to back up the complaint regarding the incident.

“I asked for a public apology in that letter,” Murray said. “I asked reprimands be taken in accordance to that, that the whole intent of that was to induce slander and reputable harm.”

Councilman Jesse Truitt was not in attendance at the Dec. 2 meeting as he is married to Terry Truitt, and Workman did not attend, as she was part of the complaint. Neither Truitt nor Workman received the complaint. Bacon, along with Davis and Shelton, received a copy of the complaint, however she did not attend the meeting, as she is Murray’s sister.

Council will be unable to take formal action on the complaint, as three members of council are disqualified from taking part in any action.