OVP&Z approves Silverstock annexation conditions, Royal Farms air pump location

The Ocean View Planning & Zoning Commission voted 3-0 this week to recommend Ocean View Town Council to amend the conditions of approval for lands owned by Silverstock LLC to be annexed into the town.

Administrative Official Charles McMullen stated that when a residential planned community (RPC) is created, either through change of zoning approval or annexation, conditions are normally imposed, such as lot lines and setbacks.

In the Silverstock annexation, McMullen said, no special conditions were imposed for setbacks. The proposed conditions for the lots include 20-foot front and rear yard setbacks, along with a five-foot side yard setback. Additionally, wells would not be permitted on individual lots.

The commission voted unanimously to recommend the ordinance to council.

The commission on Dec. 18 also approved a request to amend a previously approved land development plan for the Royal Farms located on Atlantic Avenue.

In the original plan, said McMullen, a free air pump station was not included; therefore, the commission would need to approve its current location in order for the pump to remain.

Garth Jones of the Becjer Morgan Group, who submitted the request, acknowledged that the lack of the pump on the original plan was an oversight on their part.