Fun Fit Vibe makes some good vibrations in Millville

Coastal Point • Laura Walter: Greg Mervine stands atop a Power Plate at his store, Fun Fit Vibe in MIllville, while using a paddle.Coastal Point • Laura Walter: Greg Mervine stands atop a Power Plate at his store, Fun Fit Vibe in MIllville, while using a paddle.Greg Mervine believes that being proactive with his health is the least expensive form of health care. That’s why he brought his business, Fun Fit Vibe, to the corner of Central Avenue in Millville.

Fun Fit Vibe is not a gym, but pairs clients with coaches to work one-on-one, using the Power Plate.

The Power Plate is a small, round platform that vibrates at 25 to 50 times per second. Like most exercise machines, it has a handle and computer monitor attached.

People can stretch or exercise while the platform vibrates, stimulates muscles and encourages blood flow.

That stimulates muscles “down to a cellular level,” Mervine said. As the muscles expand and contract around the bone, the bone strengthens, and density increases. “It’s not overbearing. It’s low impact, high results.”

The vibration “naturally increases gravity by accelerating the platform you stand … on,” reads the Fun Fit Vibe website.

Although it can be used while people are stationary, Power Plate is even more effective during exercise.

“A good golf swing comes from having your feet planted on the ground, [as does] a good punch from a boxer,” said Mervine. By using the Power Plate, “it’s going to make every connective tissue improve.”

Training should be fun, so Mervine breaks out the games. Fun Fit Vibe has golf clubs, kayak paddles, footballs and weights. There are motion-sensor video games for tennis, boxing, swimming and extreme sports. One woman was even up there hula hooping.

Fun Fit Vibe will adapt to any activity clients want to try.

“We’re trying to make it fun,” Mervine said. “If it’s not fun, I don’t want anything to do with it. When you’re having fun, fitness kinda sneaks up on you.”

That’s the first part of “Fun Fitness Vibe.”

“We are using vibration training, but I think it’s even more important that you have a healthy vibe,” Mervine explained.

Within his small business, Mervine has trained ages 7 to 87. His enthusiasm stems from his own health success story.

“I started out as a customer,” said Mervine, whose wakeup call came when he exited a hospital, himself obese.

His own Power Plate coach took him under his wing, offering the support Mervine now gives to clients.

Power Plate is used internationally, from gyms to rehabilitation centers to professional athletes. After hearing about Power Plate from her sister in Florida, one local woman recently called Fun Fit Vibe to learn more.

From people starting from scratch to athletes looking for a better game, Power Plate has settings for people to look, feel or play better.

When demonstrating the Power Plate at the state fair, “Ninety percent of the people said, ‘Look Better,’ and I said, ‘Great. Whatever makes you motivated,’” Mervine said.

“Typically after about 30 days, they really notice it. After 60 days they’re getting compliments,” Mervine said. “You can feel it, you can see it, and other people can see it.”

Fun Fit Vibe also offers additional nutrition and supplement plans.

Every session begins with stretching and ends with massage, all upon the Power Plate.

The program often improves weight loss, muscle tone and flexibility. But goal-setting, mental stamina, follow-through and confidence are also byproducts.

“We want to be warm and inviting, comfortable enough for you to stop for 30 minutes and train,” Mervine said.

“You’re among friends,” Mervine said. “We’re loving people into health and wellness everyday.”

Although Fun Fit Vibe is good for people getting back on their feet, Mervine distanced it from the idea of physical therapy.

“We stop when you say ouch,” he said. “You listen to your body. We listen to you.”

Feeling better?

When people become less healthy, they depend increasingly on medication (sometimes pages of it). But Mervine wants people to be healthy in their own right.

“The sooner you start, the younger you’ll stay,” he said. “Our approach is definitely very proactive.”

The human body wasn’t designed to sit in cars, offices and living rooms all day, said Mervine.

“‘A body in motion tends to stay in motion,’” Mervine quoted Isaac Newton. “This machine is gonna have you moving.”

Cold weather might keep people off the golf course, but clients at Fun fit Vibe are golfing all winter long. They just do drills or strength training instead.

As a former nursing home administrator, Mervine said “weakness” was the number one reason patients were admitted. These folks were cognitive and continent, so if they were just stronger, they could have lived independently, Mervine said.

So while hiring a personal coach can be pricy, it’s a fraction of the cost of surgery or nursing home care (not to mention the higher quality of life).

“I don’t think about the cost, I don’t think about the time. I just think about how good I feel and I’ll never miss a session,” a client once told Mervine.

By staying healthy, people can do what they love, whether it’s working, volunteering, politicking, ministering or just living independently.

“We need our seniors. We need them to be active,” he said.

The first demonstration is free. People can see and touch the Power Plate for themselves. If it’s a good match, they can buy and schedule a package of sessions.

Scheduling appointments keeps people accountable, but the flexible online calendar can be changed to meet individual needs.

“It takes away that excuse of ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I can’t commit,’” Mervine said.

Fun Fit Vibe is located in Millville at 38498 Reba Road, Suite C, sharing space with Sun & Sea Acupuncture.

(There are two other locations, with three years in Lewes and six months in Ocean Pines, Md.)

For more information, call (302) 249-8000, visit Facebook or