Frankford elects Bacon and Melson to serve on town council

In the Feb. 7 town council election, the residents of Frankford voted to elect Velicia Melson and re-elect incumbent Joanne Bacon, with 92 votes each.

“I’m very excited,” said Melson of the win. “I’ve been going to town council meetings for quite some time and have really questioned some of the decisions and financial information that the town council and the Town of Frankford has put out. I’m looking forward to working with Joanne and other members of council to better the town.”

Melson and Bacon defeated Dorsey Dear Sr., who received 25 votes, and incumbent Cheryl Workman, who received 24 votes.

As a member of the Frankford Volunteer Fire Company’s Ladies Auxiliary and growing up with her father serving in the U.S. Army, Melson said she has always believed in giving back to the community.

“It has always been instilled in us that we give back to our country and back to our community. I feel that the town council plays a very big part in local issues and is just an area, in my opinion, needing some expertise and involvement.”

As the newest member on council, Melson said her focus will be on the revitalization or revamping of the police department, along with requesting an audit of the town finances.

“That’s something that hasn’t been done in a number of years, and I think, in order to move forward with competitive benefits and salary compensation for our employees, we first have to understand the financial health of the town before we go out and spend big money on healthcare and competitive salaries.”

Melson said that, having been born and raised in Frankford, she would like it to return to the small-town community she grew up in.

“I remember the small-town community-feel, where you knew your neighbors and there was community involvement with special events, and people looked out for one another. I’d like to get back to that level of commitment from our residents in town.”

She added that she hopes more citizens will attend the council’s meetings, held on the first Monday of every month, and become more involved in their local government.

“I would, as I have done since January of last year, encourage the residents of the town to come out to the town council meetings, hear about what’s going on and get involved and voice your opinions. That’s something I really look forward to: our residents having more of a voice with the new town council.”

The new council will be sworn in at the March 2 regular meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. at the Frankford fire hall.