Selbyville to hire part-time police for Mountaire-funded security

Mountaire wants a police officer to be the first thing visitors see at its Selbyville and Millsboro poultry-processing plants.

The company wants extra security presence, said Mountaire’s Jay Griffith at a recent Selbyville Town Council meeting. The officer on duty will provide extra security indoors and outdoors.

“They’re getting a uniformed and trained, armed person at the front desk,” said Selbyville Police Chief W. Scott Collins.

The extra security will be in place from Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 2 a.m., and will be provided at the Selbyville plant through a contract with the Town of Selbyville. Having to fill 100 extra hours per week, Selbyville plans to hire eight to 12 part-time officers just for the Mountaire gig. They will be sworn officers, but the poultry-processing plant will be their only assignment.

Selbyville will charge Mountaire $70 per hour, which covers each officer’s paycheck, equipment, additional workman’s compensation costs and other requirements, Collins said.

The SPD already has an additional patrol car it was about to strip and sell. It also already has vests but needs to purchase some uniforms, which will vary slightly from regular patrol uniforms. One of the new employees will be in charge of scheduling for the Mountaire duties.

Delaware State Police troopers have freelanced at Mountaire recently, with the understanding that Selbyville will soon take responsibility for the additional coverage at the plant.

Mountaire already has such an arrangement at their North Carolina facilities. The arrangement will be on a trial basis for six months in Selbyville and Millsboro, said Griffith.