Zen Spa’s new ‘bar’ blowing up in Fenwick

Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark : Brandon washes Nino Mancari’s hair at Zen Spa’s new Studio Z salon in Fenwick Island.Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark : Brandon washes Nino Mancari’s hair at Zen Spa’s new Studio Z salon in Fenwick Island.Zen Spa’s new “blowout bar” is now in operation near Fenwick Island, gaining recognition as the only one of its kind on Delmarva.

“This is different. There is nothing like this around here,” explained owner Stacey Wetzstein. “It’s a bigger-city thing. Everybody has a hairstylist at home. When you’re on vacation, come in. You’re going to get a fantastic wash. You’re going to get blown-out in style.”

The concept is so new and unique to the area that some customers have never ever heard of it, she said.

“A lot of people don’t know what a blowout bar is,” said Wetzstein, going on to explain that the basic service includes a shampoo, deep conditioning, head massage and then finally a “blowout” hair dry — for those heading out on the town or who just don’t want to do their own hair and makeup.

“We customize our blowouts to each client,” added lead stylist Brandon Tatum. “You can come get a blowout for any type of occasion. Depending on their haircut, depending on where they’re going, we customize it for each client.”

However, blowouts aren’t the only thing featured at Zen’s new full-service Studio Z salon, with color treatments, haircuts and even beard trimming available. Wetzstein explained that the reason for the new venture came from the suggestions of her existing clients.

“That was one of my main reasons for doing this,” she said. “I’ve been here listening to what my clients are asking for.”

With the new services and new space, the design called for some new vibes, as well.

“[Customers are] just blown away,” said Wetzstein of the decor. “When we decided to start up here, I just wanted the look to mirror downstairs, but a completely different vibe. It’s just a much different speed up here. As soon as you open that door... it’s on.”

Another new aspect featured in the new space is a tanning service, which includes an all-natural, organic tanning cream and spray.

“It’s organic. We have three different colors, [and] it’s very natural looking,” Wetzstein said. “We also have aftercare to go home with.”

While there will be even more new features at Zen in the future, such as saunas, Wetzstein emphasized that they still offer all the same services as before at the spa.

“Now, with hair, it’s from start to finish, because we do makeup also,” she said. “I just want it to be a good experience for everybody. That’s what a spa day is all about.”

For more information on Zen Spa, the new blowout bar and salon, or bridal-party packages, visit www.zenspafenwick.com or call (302) 988-1750 to schedule an appointment or consultation. Check out photos and more about Zen on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ZenSpaFenwick and on Instagram @zenspafenwick.