Fun Car Rallye III to benefit Justin’s Beach House

For the third year in a row, a car rallye will be held to support Justin’s Beach House, a respite home in Bethany Beach for families impacted by cancer.

The Justin’s Beach House Poker and Fun Car Rallye III was created by Ocean View residents Bob and Nancy Lueckel.

“My wife, Nancy, had become involved with Justin’s Beach House. She had been doing baking and greeting when families arrived. She wanted to get involved a little deeper. She was discussing with some of the other volunteers about fundraisers to possibly raise more money to support the house,” said Bob Lueckel. “We had done car rallyes back in Maryland, where we lived before we lived down here, and she thought that might be something people might enjoy.”

The rallye will be held Saturday, April 11, starting at Fox’s Pizza Den in Millville. Those who wish to participate may register the day-of, between 10 and 11 a.m., with a drivers’ meeting to start immediately following. The first car will leave the lot at 11:15 a.m., with additional cars sent out in intervals, one to two minutes apart.

“The people go to their cars and are sent off in one- to two-minute intervals, with a set of directions and questions. The directions and questions can be answered through observations as they follow along the route they’re given.

“It’s like, ‘Who’s running for Ocean View Town Council?’ And on your route you’ll go by a sign that’ll have one of the people’s names on it. Then you write that answer on your paper. We keep the directions and questions in the exact order as you see them while you’re on the road.”

The rain-or-shine event costs $30 per car, with the top cars receiving prizes. Lueckel said the rallye car must have both a driver and navigator, with no other passengers. The car used by each team must be registered to be street-driven — but, otherwise, any car or truck will do. The driver must also have a valid driver’s license.

“The route is about 31 miles. If you’re not spending a lot of time stopping or re-running the route, looking for answers to questions, it can be run in an hour, easily,” he said. “We will allow a maximum time of two hours this year, for people to take their time. If they want to retrace their steps to look for questions, they can do that.”

New to the rallye this year is a poker component, which Lueckel said adds a fun competitive element.

“When they start, the driver and the navigator will get two cards,” explained Lueckel. “We’re going to have two checkpoints along the route where they’ll get two cards at each of the checkpoints, and they will also get a card once they finish the rallye. So they’ll get a total of seven cards. Then they pick their best poker hand out of those seven. Half of the points will be given for answering questions, and half of the points will be given for who has the best poker hand.”

Lueckel said the event has “grown significantly” in the last two years, and he hopes it will grow even more this year.

“The first year, we had seven cars, and last year we had 32 cars. So it grew significantly last year,” he said. “We’re hoping for about 50 cars this year.”

With all proceeds benefitting Justin’s Beach House, Lueckel said he hopes the rallye will raise approximately $1,500, while giving participants a fresh look at rural Sussex County.

For more information about the car rallye, contact Bob Lueckel, at (443) 299-9125. Fox’s Pizza Den Restaurant is located at 200 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26) in Millville, in the Millville Town Center.