Bodine emerges in council election

Coastal Point • Maria Counts: Carol Bodine will be sworn in as Ocean View Town Council District 4 council person on Tuesday, April 28 at 6 p.m.Coastal Point • Maria Counts: Carol Bodine will be sworn in as Ocean View Town Council District 4 council person on Tuesday, April 28 at 6 p.m.Following eight hours at the polls, Ocean View residents had made their voices heard by electing Carol Bodine to serve as District 4 councilperson for the next three years.

Bodine was one of four candidates running for the council seat held by term-limited councilman Bob Lawless.

Bodine, a Wedgefield resident, won the seat with 133 votes. Candidate Kent Liddle received 85 votes, Jon DeBuchananne received 23 votes, and Don Walsh received 14.

“I’m thrilled at the results,” said Bodine. “I’m honored that I was with such a qualified group and that I still won. They were all good people and would’ve done a good job.”

During the campaign, Bodine, along with friends and family, campaigned throughout the town and were able to knock on the door of every voter.

“We didn’t miss a house… I had a great team. We knocked on every door in three weeks. We covered all of the Ocean View voters. … When people were coming out to vote, they told me, ‘You were the one who came to the door, and I appreciated that.’

“If they weren’t home, I left my material and would write on it, ‘Sorry I missed you.’ Several people would say the same thing to me — ‘We got your note, and we’re sorry we weren’t there.’”

At the polls on Election Day, Bodine — who was there from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. — said her efforts to reach Ocean View citizens were recognized.

“That’s what people want. They want you to ask for their vote. That’s a precious thing to them. When you ask for their vote, they’ll listen to you and they’ll respond you.”

Bodine said she plans to read up on the Town’s rules and regulations before being sworn in, as to best prepare herself for her new role.

“New things will come up that you’re not expecting, and that’s when you have to dig in and do the best you can.,” she said. “I will also be asking to do a ride-along with the police department so they can give me their perspective, too.”

Bodine, a retired registered nurse, currently serves as state secretary for the Republican Party. She said she is looking forward to serving her friends and neighbors.

“I hope to continue the work of the present council. They’re organized; they’ve done a great job. I’ve gotten to know them all. They’re to be respected,” she said. “Bob Lawless should be commended for the six years he put in there.”

Bodine will be sworn in at a reorganizational meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 28, at town hall, beginning at 6 p.m.