Karimali for Hair offers new services in new Fenwick location

Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: Costa and Gina Karimalis have moved their shop, Karimali For Hair from Route 54 to right on Route 1 to be able to offer customers more with added and updated space.Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: Costa and Gina Karimalis have moved their shop, Karimali For Hair from Route 54 to right on Route 1 to be able to offer customers more with added and updated space.While Karimali for Hair may be offering some new services, including makeup and full body waxing at their new location in Fenwick Island, they’re still offering the same service that has made their customers feel like family for the past seven years.

“Most of my friends are my clients,” explained Gina Karimalis, who owns the shop with her husband, Costa. “They turn into my family. I maybe met them doing their hair, but they become my family.”

As a professional hairstylist in their area throughout her entire life — much like most of her entire staff, with which she has worked for just as long — to Karimalis, the inviting, family-like atmosphere is just the way it’s always been.

“You’d be surprised. This is a hangout,” she said. “To me, it just seems so normal.”

But with Karimalis working on both women’s and men’s hair, and even children’s hair, it’s not just the girls gabbing in the shop.

“[The men are] outside looking at cars, and we’re in here working,” Karimalis said of the shop’s male clients who come in and get along well with Costa — who, with his management experience, deals with the business aspects of things.

Karimalis noted that the dynamic is the norm, but she envisions that it will only continue to escalate in the newly designed shop and Fenwick Island location.

“I wanted something more tranquil,” she explained of the decor. “[Customers] love it here. The location’s been great. We love being in Fenwick Island.”

One of the major new additions is more space, which Karimalis uses for full body waxing.

“We expanded a little bit. We added on a waxing room so we could do full body waxing,” said Karimalis. “People at the beach need that.”

They’ve also incorporated space for a fully functioning makeup station.

“We keep up with every trend going on,” said Karimalis. “I have girls that are in the younger generation — they are on it, they’re on the social media, how to contour makeup, how to do the latest trends in hair — they are on it.”

It’s that kind of attention to detail and commitment to keeping up with the ever-changing trends in beauty that Karimali’s staff prides themselves on.

“We go to classes a lot in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Education is a must for anybody that works here,” said Karimalis of the importance of continuing education for stylists and being able to impart it on customers, “educating the client what to do with their hair, products and new tools and techniques.”

“They need to know exactly what to do with the product,” added Costa Karimalis. “Some of the customers buy a product, but if they don’t have the right education from the stylist, then basically the product is useless.”

Of course, if a customer is unhappy with a product, they can always return it.

“They’re always happy. If they’re not, we always find a way to make them happy,” said Gina Karimalis. “If they don’t like it, we exchange it for something that will work.”

With that kind of commitment to excellence, Karimali’s clients keep coming back.

“It really comes down to the talent, the work ethic,” said Gina Karimalis. “There’s a lot of hairdressers out there, but there’s only a few good hairdressers out there.”

“Stylist are artists. They’re creating art for somebody,” Costa Karimalis summed up.

To set up a consultation and see the new shop in person, call (302) 541-0208 or stop by at 1100 Coastal Highway in Fenwick Island. You can also find out more information on the website, www.karimaliforhair.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/karimali.forhair and on Instagram @karimali_for_hair.