Melson next to resign from Frankford council

On Tuesday morning, Frankford Town Councilwoman Velicia Melson resigned from the council, after serving the Town for just five months.

“After much consideration, I have decided to remove myself from Town Council, effective immediately,” she wrote in an email to council on Aug. 11.

“I find the daily personal character assassination, the harassment by some citizens extremely unproductive and unnecessary. The inability to make decisions and move the Town forward are creating a huge detriment to the Town in general. I no longer have the luxury of volunteering excess hours to an organization that is frozen at a standstill.”

Melson was elected in February and sworn-in in March. As a Frankford resident, she had attended meetings and had hoped to work on the Town’s financial health, as well as healthcare and pensions for its employees.

Melson had previously told the Coastal Point she wanted the Town to return to how it was when she grew up there.

“I remember the small-town community feel, where you knew your neighbors and there was community involvement with special events, and people looked out for one another. I’d like to get back to that level of commitment from our residents in town.”

Mayor Joanne Bacon declined to comment on Melson’s resignation, stating she had not yet had the opportunity to speak with Melson.

Melson’s resignation came on the heels of 26-year council veteran Jesse Truitt’s resignation at the Town’s monthly council meeting last Monday.

The town council will hold a special meeting Tuesday, Aug. 18, at 7 p.m. in town hall to discuss the vacant seats and possibly vote on appointing two citizens to finish out Melson’s and Truitt’s terms.

Councilman Charles Shelton said that, while he is unsure of what the council will do on Tuesday, he knows that some on council are getting tired of being harassed at town meetings.

“Everybody’s getting tired of it… tired of hearing it,” he said.

Melson and Councilwoman Pam Davis could not be reached for comment by the Coastal Point’s Wednesday news deadline.