No firearms, explosives permitted in Millville town buildings

With Millville’s passage of an ordinance set in motion in August by the state General Assembly, firearms are not permitted in town buildings — or any building even temporarily serving as a town building.

According to Town Attorney Seth Thompson, the ordinance prohibits firearms, ammunition, parts of firearms and explosives in town buildings — but it could extend beyond town property under certain circumstances.

If, for example, a meeting had to be moved to the Millville fire hall in anticipation of large crowds, the firearms ban would extend to the fire hall for the duration of the meeting. The penalty for violating the ordinance is a maximum fine of $200.

Those with concealed carry permits would be exempt from the ban, Thompson said, as are law enforcement officials, bank employees guarding money, those under protection from abuse orders, and those participating in firearms training or safety programs on town property.

Not exempt, however, are volunteers such as those serving in citizens’ patrol groups, Thompson said.

Council members approved the measure, similar to one recently approved in Fenwick Island, unanimously.

In other business, council members

• Approved a preliminary site plan for three self-storage units on Route 26. Each unit will measure 2,500 square feet. The town’s Planning and Zoning Commission had reviewed the plan, but wanted to see architectural drawings before voting. Since then, however, the planning commission disbanded due to frequent difficulties obtaining a quorum. The council voted to require a covered trash receptacle within an enclosure on site; and

•Approved modification of side lot lines for four lots in the Coventry subdivision.