Town of Ocean View - Board of Adj. Nov. 19 meeting results

NOVEMBER 19, 2015

V-307: 37 N. Primrose Ln. (PIDN: 002.630/Sussex CTM#: 134-12.00-747.00)
• Approved 5’ encroachment into required side yard setback for attached accessory structure (carport) and encroachment of detached accessory structure (garage) into required rear lot line setback by maintaining a
minimum rear yard setback at back property line of 5.1’.
• Denied variance for 2.9’ encroachment into required rear yard setback of proposed structures attached to principal structure (room and covered patio) and required 5’ minimum separation between structures. (by denying the 2.9’ encroachment into the rear yard setback they required that the minimum 5’ separation between the garage and proposed room be
maintained and required garage to be moved forward leaving a minimum distance of 5.1 +/- feet from back rear property line for garage).

V-313: 30 Kent Avenue (PIDN: 321.280/Sussex CTM#: 134-12.00-1761.00)
• Deferred at request of applicant due to Board not having all members

V-314: Belle Via Way and Woodland Avenue (PIDN’s:033.100 & .110 / Sussex CTM# 134-12.00-468.11)
• Approved §140-66-B (11) allowing placement of offsite development sign and minimum 10’ from street line required by §140-63-D(2) for placement of development sign in 20’ wide entrance medial strip
• Denied request for proposed area of sign coverage and proposed height from grade requiring that sign comply with Town Code requirements.
CP 20151127 1T