Selbyville council talks trucks, events, waste

The Selbyville Town Council met April 4 to discuss a number of items, starting with water.

Hydrant flushing is scheduled for April 18 to 22. Residents may notice a discoloration in the water as mineral deposits are shaken out of the town pipes. They may wish to avoid doing laundry during this period, but officials noted that Iron Out can help remove any orange stains from laundry.

The new Town wells have decreased the time required to flush the pipes, they noted.

“The shorter time we have to open them up, the better,” said Councilman Rick Duncan Sr.

Meanwhile, the new water plant is in the paperwork stage, as approvals and pre-construction meetings are near completion. The supplemental plant will strip chemicals from town water.

In other Selbyville news:

• The EPA awarded Selbyville’s wastewater industrial treatment report a 96 percent for 2015.

• Planning has backtracked, but then resumed at Selbyville Town Village, which is re-drawing its entire land plan. All new permits will be required. The town council unanimously approved a new partitioning of the land, so 24 of 30 acres of conditional-use commercial space will revert back to its original R-4/Residential zoning. That could create up to 50 more houses in the development.

“I’ve seen the preliminary plans they’ve got,” Councilman Jay Murray said of the new creative neighborhood designs. “It’s a much better plan. Better for them, better for the town.”

• The Old Timers Day festival will be held Saturday, June 18, hosted by the Town of Selbyville and Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce.

• Coffee with a Cop began this week, as the Selbyville Public Library invites the public to discuss public-safety issues with the Selbyville Police Department. It will repeat June 8 at 3:30 p.m., and kids can have Cookies with a Cop on May 18 at 3:30 p.m.

• The council voted to purchase two work trucks for $43,000. That figure was below budgeted costs, thanks to Delaware Rural Water Association’s program to help municipalities purchase new and discounted fleet vehicles from Ford and Dodge.

• The Annexation Committee was directed to investigate the possibility of annexing 10,000 square feet of land on Route 54 into the town. Owned by Joe Donovan and Robert Rosser, tax map and parcel number 5-33 17.00 181.00 could come into the R-4/Residential District.

• The town’s recreational fields will get an update. The local Pop Warner league has changed its name to Lower Sussex Indians Football & Cheer, said Town Administrator Michael Deal. They’ll bring fill dirt to re-level and re-seed the field. They’ll also add a layer of paint and a roof to the concession stand.

• After hearing some complaints about trash escaping the public recycling site, Mayor Clifton Murray suggested the Town ask Delaware Solid Waste Authority for more stringent site cleanups.

Despite Selbyville’s curbside recycling pickup, the council still sees the large bins as a public service for collecting cardboard, batteries, oil and other recyclables.

• Realizing they haven’t signed a written contact with Republic Services for trash hauling since 2012, the town council unanimously voted to continue contracting with the company. They’ve gotten by with telephone and email service renewals for the past few years. (“That’s the ‘Sussex County way,’” joked one council member.)

The next regular Selbyville Town Council meeting is Monday, May 2, at 7 p.m.