Traffic stop in OV leads to heroin arrest

Following a routine traffic stop in Ocean View, the Ocean View Police Department was recently able to recover 1.5 grams of suspected heroin from Ocean View resident Jennifer Zimmerman.

“On May 15, at approximately 2:20 p.m. Patrolman [AnnMarie] Dalton stopped a vehicle for speeding on Central Avenue, right near the police station. Prior to approaching the car, we do a warrant check, and we found the registered owner of the vehicle, Jennifer Zimmerman, had a warrant out for her arrest for a Failure to Appear,” said OVPD Cpl. Rhys Bradshaw.

Bradshaw said that once they confirmed the driver was Zimmerman, they had her exit the vehicle, advised her there was a warrant out for her arrest, and handcuffed her.

“Anytime we arrest someone, we conduct a search of that person. Upon searching her, we located 10 bundles of heroin, with approximately 10 bags in each bundle — so, approximately 100 bags,” said Bradshaw. “Total weight for the heroin was 1.5 grams, because each little baggie, by State standards, is .015 grams for each bag. She said she paid $500 for it. That’s about $5 a bag — pretty cheap.”

Zimmerman, 49, was charged with Possessing a Controlled Substance in a Tier One Quantity (a felony), Possess/Consume a Controlled or Counterfeit Substance Except Human Growth Hormone without a Prescription with An Aggravating Factor, Failure to Appear on a Summons, Failure to Have Insurance, and Speeding.

Bail was set at $4,600, unsecured, for the charges, and Zimmerman later posted $500 bond and was released.

“This stop was basically just outside the police station, which goes to show you that we have a big drug problem,” Bradshaw said.