Millville Mini Storage approved for significant expansion

Millville Mini Storage has gotten the green light for three new storage buildings at 35101 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26).

The Millville Town Council approved the final site plans at their June 12 meeting.

The three new buildings will be 2,500 square feet each, with a center hallway allowing clients access to their units from the inside. There will be exterior doors on both ends of the buildings. The 7,500 square feet is in addition to the existing 35,432 square feet of storage already offered.

During the discussion by the council, there was some debate about the on-site commercial trash bin. During preliminary site plan approvals in November of 2015, the council had requested that the bin be surrounded by an enclosure.

But designers interpreted that to mean that the primary goal was to hide the bin from sight, which they did by moving the bin to a central location, surrounded on all sides by the storage units.

Although unsightliness for the neighbors was a concern, council members said the purpose of the requested enclosure was to prevent trash from escaping the bin and blowing across the property.

An enclosure won’t completely prevent trash from escaping before the weekly pickup, especially if people don’t dispose of garbage properly, warned property owner Peter Astorino and Jeff Clark of Land Tech Land Planning.

But they obliged to build an enclosure, approximately 6 feet high, meeting the height of the existing fence.

Councilman Steven Small suggested the business be a “good neighbor” by installing a vegetative barrier, to improve the overall visuals of the overall property. He said he was satisfied to hear the owner acknowledge the suggestion.

The final site plan was approved, with a three-sided dumpster enclosure, 4-0-1, with Mayor Robert “Bob” Gordon recusing himself as a neighbor of the property. All other regulator agency approvals have been obtained for Millville Mini Storage LLC (formerly Two Mini Inc.).